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Flower of the Windy Desert : A Poem

Updated on July 5, 2017

Walking here

In the green valley of life

I'm lost in the crowded

Put my head on my knees and cried

Why life can not become easier, God?

Why world doesn't really taste like it seem?

And why what I think as gift

Turned to be probation to your love?

I am only human

Try to reach to the farthest dream

But my feet was slips

Fall far away from His love

With that thought

I try to moving away

Wanderer in wonder

Like ghost of the rain forest

In front of me

The roads crossed to many places

My feets shaking by fear


But then wind pass by and bring the sad song fromnowhere

I can smell the sand of the desert

Like wrapping me

And pulling my hand to going further

I cover my eyes

Blind by the sun and sparkling sands

But when I open my eyes again

I see you

Standing there

In the windy desert

Company by silent thought

You close your eyes and stay still

What you have been waiting?

Is it the environment to be change?

Or love that long gone?

Or just lost soul like me?

Are you the flower of the desert?

Or just another deceiving Angel?

© 2010 Freya Cesare


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