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Updated on March 21, 2008


What is a Fudbuzzle?

Doe's anyone know

If there is such a thing

How doe's it grow

Is it tall as the sky

Or as small as a fly

Doe's it swim

Doe's it walk,doe's it possibly cry

Is a Fudbuzzle nice

Or is a Fudbuzzle mean

Doe's it wash

Doe's it stay clean

What doe's it eat

Possibly meat

What is the shape of it's

Small or large feet

These are things I do not know

So, if by chance, I should

Happen to meet, a small or tall

Fudbuzzle with large or small feet

I'll be the first to let you know

If you should Run!! and which way to go


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    • dhoosier profile image

      dhoosier 10 years ago from Shelton Washington

      I'm still trying to picture it in my mind, but just not sure what it should look like ")

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 10 years ago

      tooo much fun, reminds me of Dr. Sues. First thing I thought was, what's a fudbuzzle! ahahhahah