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Short Stories: Little Ant, Ant Colony, and King Elephant

Updated on September 3, 2018
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.

Small Ant
Small Ant | Source
The Anthill
The Anthill | Source

The First Part

The sun began to shine on the sidelines of leaves in the forest is still beautiful and awake. Tropical wilderness stores various stories. That morning, on a mound there was a group of ants at work, they prepared food supplies, for the coming of the rainy season. Tropical forest climates that have two dry and rainy seasons make living creatures on the ground preparing for the upcoming rainy season.

The mound of soil containing the red ant colony, always preparing its nest and collecting food to prevent damage and starvation during the rainy season. Among the colonies there are small red ants that are always lazy. just call it, he as a little ant his name, every day he does not care about fellow ant workers who collect leaves or grains as food stash.

An ant colony is divided into several groups. There are worker ants, ant keepers, ant ants and queen ants as supreme leaders.

"Little ant, if you do not like other colleagues then you will we kick away" said one of the Workers ants.

"Hey, I'm not from your group, I'm an army ant" the little ant replied aloud.

groups of worker ants stop and laugh at the little ants.

"Are you kidding the little ants, you fail to enter the army ant group See your size unfit to be an army ant" says an ant worker.

Worker ants laugh and continue their work to prepare the nest. The little ant is sad. Indeed, after his father the little ant died. His colony did not care about the little ants. The lazy taste of the little ant was due to the sadness in his memory. his father who died dragged rain water during the rainy season. No one other ant helps. Though his father is a soldier ant loyal to his colony.

Little ants also aspire to be respected ant warriors. Several times he signed up to the ants always rejected. The reason he was rejected because the size is not feasible for army ants. His body is small and one of the antennas is not the same.

The little ant grieves as it often gets unpleasant treatment from its colony. To get rid of his sadness, the little ant away from his nest and climb up a big tree and then relax there to release his sadness.

When the little ant is relaxing, a group of elephants is led by a large elephant that has a long ivory. Approaching the big tree inhabited by a small ant. The surrounding land trembled, the stem was swayed by the arrival of the elephants. The voice of the elephant was frightening to the ant colony not too far away.

The great Elephant King said, "We rest here".

They also rested quietly under a large tree. Little ant stunned and wondered if his body could be that big. A few moments when the Little Ant will return to his colony. The resting elephant rose from the ground. The Great Elephant King rose. Then, rub the tusks into the big tree. Small ants fall from tree to elephant's head. The elephant kept shaking his head. The little ant scared and ran into the hole to secure itself. The hole is a large elephant ears. Small ants, keep going into the ears of the big elephant. Frightened, the little Ant bites something on the inside of the elephant.

The king of elephants feels pain and falls to the ground.
"Sick, Sick" shouted the elephant king.
"What happened king? What happened" asked another elephant.

All the other elephants were astonished

Another elephant was surprised because the famous king was so strong in the forest that he was invincible. Other elephant groups are also afraid if this group escapes. Tigers are also afraid and do not want to attack this elephant group, because of the toughness of the elephant king.

Really, this elephant king is the strongest creature in the forest.

"Sorry sorry, do not bite me" said the elephant king.

A small voice was heard, inside the elephant's head, which only the king heard.

"So do not spin your body in the forest, because you, I fell" said the little ant in the ears of the elephant king.

"Please do not bite me, come out a little creature from my ears, I will obey your commands" The elephant king begged the little ants.

"No, I will not go out, and if I go out, you will surely destroy me with your great body." Answer the little ant.

"I am a king, I will keep my promise, I promise before my friend"

Little ants emerge from the ears and run toward the elephant's trunk.

The elephant king smiled and was pleased to see that little ants were in front of him.

Small ants immediately make a request to the elephant king.
"I want you to be my best friend and every two days you should rest in this big tree" asked the little ant and the elephant king also agreed.

Not only that, the Little Ants also ask for some requirements because it does not destroy the colony if it passes through a small ant nest.

They eventually became good friends. Little ants, often releasing their sadness by telling the elephant king, when they meet.

After the elephant king knows that small ants often get bad treatment from his group. The elephant king said.

"O little ant, do I have to meet your boss and tell you that I am your friend".

"You do not need to do, my friend" replied the little ant.
Days passed after the return of small ants to the colony. small ant, mocked again by his colonies.

"Your little ant is a useless ant, your job is only bothering us.You go home just to eat and take shelter, you do not have the ability. You better get out of this colony". Another ant cry saw the return of a small ant.

Not only that, even the little ants got the queen's call.

"The glorious queen, what do you call me" asked the little ant

"I heard you are a lazy ant.Although you are an ant warrior then you must be vigilant But your size is not worthy of being a soldier then you must be an ant worker" said queen

"Noble Queen, I am small, but I always help by guarding our territorial border". Answer the little ant.

The queen did not receive an explanation of the small ant and at that moment she was expelled from the colony. even the small ants accepted the bitter truth that he had been expelled from his colony.

Little ants then leave, and live in a big tree where he used to get rid of sadness.


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Elephant | Source

Part Two

Once, he saw two Anteater passing through the tree where he lived. The little ant thought and remembered the colony. He thought the two Anteater would destroy his colony.

Even small ants can not do anything. However, on that day, he can meet the King elephant. He also told of the colony that had poured himself.

"Why should I help your little ant colony? You yourself have been thrown out, little ants, you're not part of them." Said the elephant king after hearing the explanation of a small ant.

"You have promised" Little Ants begged the King of the elephant.

The elephant king just smiled and said

"Look at my brothers and sisters, this little ant also wants to help his troubled relatives, as a friend, I will help him. shouted the elephant king in his group.

The elephant group agreed. they rush to the nest of small ant colonies. When they arrived, the colony's nest began to be destroyed. A small ant colony spills out.

"What kind of disaster is this, after a Anteater, a herd of elephants comes and will destroy us." Ant shouted.

One of the Anteater said. "Destroy you ants".

But all of a sudden. The elephant king kicked the Anteater. Then, the Anteater rolled up, one of the Anteater to far away. See his friend kicking an elephant. The other Anteater are frightened, then leave a small ant nest.
An ant colony was surprised to see the incident. they are still afraid to see the many herds of elephants.

"Do not be afraid, we came here at the request of one of you," cried the elephant King.

An ant colony, noticing a small ant, on the head of the largest elephant. Other ants wondering? How a small ant can make friends with that big elephant. Since the incident, other ants have respect for small ants. Small ant, received back and assigned to be border guard. For his services, small ants will be rewarded as commander of the warrior. But the little ant refused and he enjoyed his job as a border guard.


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Messages of Short Stories

Based on the short story above. Figure Stories on Small ant and king of elephants. Little Ants have poor treatment, He is always insulted and ridiculed because of his physical condition is small compared to other ants.

But the little ant does not repay the mistreatment it receives in the same way it gives bad deeds. The little ant understands the deficiencies it has.

Finally, the time that answers the little ant's patience. He became his colonist's helper, because he befriends the big elephant.

Patience and not easy to despair is the best way to deal with life's problems.

The above story, carries a message to us that we should never to downplay or insult others around us. Perhaps, people we consider weak and small, also contemptible in our eyes, can be a helper at a later time.

Hopefully the story above, can inspire the reader's friends, and can also be used as an introductory story for children, or educational message to make learners, and convey the message of kindness.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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