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Fade with me

Updated on August 17, 2013

Fading away...Im silent in your recollections.

Fade me away,

these moments left are killing me.

Your tragedy, a little kingdom founded by the misery.

your memory, is haunting me.

Displaced and Erased from this love sickened place

Insid of me. Love built Tragedy.

Within me, bricks of irony.

Building a fortress of apathy.

I cant see.... someone save me. Cold and grey

my heart is iced in pain.

Just let me be... Your wicked ways have ruined me.

Your seducing schemes have already ..

Taken over me.


Here again lost within your heart again.

Seal my fate, with your bricks of hate.

Here I am, Locked within.

Take me over, Silently.

Over taking me, Remember me.

Forget these pages in your book of memory.

Fade it all away....

till nothings left unspoken...

fade away the pain...

Show me how im broken.

This is another one of my song/poems. After experiencing a writers block for more than a month now, i found my muse. Although he is not physically here just being in our old room allowed the creativity to flow. I hope you enjoy the read , this is one of my new favorites.


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