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Fading Away- A poem about breaking apart

Updated on December 26, 2012

Fading Away- A poem about feeling defeated

Fading Away

I’m the crack between the lines

That spec of hope in full decline

A broken moment’s withheld kiss

That turns your head to darker tides

It’s theses times you tend to think

Your life’s a chain of broken links

And it’s in the shadows that lie the truth

That rescue you with autumn air

So taste the sweet poisoned despair

Let it linger; always there

Cause tomorrow may seem days away

But holding your breath won’t bring it sooner

And I just can’t seem to take it

The weight evolves to something more

That leaves me laying; a broken soul

A broken man that seeks control

So give me a whisper of hope

In exchange for a lifetime of dreams

Cause the days keep seeming short to me

And this place I am supposed to be

Is clouded by fog; dancing with eternity

Cause I am that cancer; that start to an end

A wound that opens never to mend

So take it in; see me in a clear way

Cause I’m holding my breath and fading away

©Sean Monaghan 12/25/2012


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