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Faith and love

Updated on January 8, 2014
Just believe in your heart.
Just believe in your heart. | Source

Young Love

Alexandria received a text message earlier on that fall day, to meet Jay at a lakeside park on the outside of Coshocton. He said he had important news to give her. She was exhilarated with the thought of what it might be. As the clock drew closer to the time she would leave work to meet him, her stomach became twisted inside like a wine cork remover. She hated text messages that left her thoughts hanging in the wind with uncertainty.

    She quietly gathered her things to leave for the never ending day and got into her sonic blue pearl metallic Saturn convertible Sky. The drive on average is about maybe 20 minutes to get to the park in light traffic, so maybe about 30 minutes in rush hour. Upon arriving at the park, Alexandria, coasts her car into the parking lot beside the one of the small fresh water lakes. She notices Jay standing about 60 feet in front of her on top of the small hill before the bridge.

  Alexandria Jumps out of her car and shouts with enthusiasm, “Jay!”

Jay turns around with a proud smile bounding on his face and replies, “Hey baby, I am up here!”

As she scurries up the hill she notices something different about him, he is dressed in a uniform of some sort. She slowed down momentarily; he was wearing a camouflage military uniform. She felt her heart sink into her lower abdomen like she had ate some bad food.

 When she gets to the top of the hill, her eyes were beginning to fill up like a dam ready to burst. Not certain what to say or how to say just the right thing, she looks deeply into his eyes. He looks into hers and can tell how hurt she must be.

  “I had to make the right choice” Jay utters

  “For who, what about us?” Alexandria pleads

“This is for us; it’s the only way we can have a good future.” Jay explains

“But Jay, I am scared, what happens if you don’t come back, if you get shot down fighting?” Alexandria inquires.

“Baby, close your eyes, put your arms out and breath in” Jay advises

“Feel that, the wind of warmth?” Jay inquires

I will always be here; he places her hand on her heart.

She opens her eyes to the beauty that surrounds her, the brightly colored red, yellow and orange leaves.

They sander toward the old wooden foot bridge hand in hand stopping about half way across. Only to carve their initials with a big pocket knife into the old bridge, stating “Here we are now and forever, and forever this will remain.”

Faith in Love

Love beyond physical


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    • Alexa Poesia profile image

      Suzan 5 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for enjoying it, I loved my final product.

    • Alexa Poesia profile image

      Suzan 5 years ago from Ohio

      This story actually has a few parts to it, like the wind is another part.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      I love this short love story, and its always sad to see a love one depart some day, and so the carving part was a classic, because both lovers will always remember such a connection, and experience they've had with one another by going back to that very location.

      This was very well written, and I think your a pretty awesome writer for sure, lovely job on this hub. Bravo!

      Many thumbs up, and I hope you continue writing, I will try to return here from time to time, to read a bit more into your hubs. Chat with you soon Alexa.

    • profile image

      Alexa 6 years ago

      Thank you all, it is very encouraging to have such positive feedback.

    • Faeriephenomenon profile image

      Faeriephenomenon 6 years ago from USA

      Beautiful story :)

    • mothercristina profile image

      mothercristina 6 years ago


    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Welcome to Hub Pages, I look forward to reading more hubs by you.