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Fall into romance: New African American romance releases

Updated on August 24, 2014

Summer may be coming to an end, but the cooler nights of fall means there is more time to fall into a hot fall romance. Some of the best in African American romance are kicking off September with some steamy and sexy stories that are sure to have you reaching for a cool drink of water while reading.

From Kimani Press:

Indulge Me Tonight by AlTonya Washington

Can healing a family reunite divorced couple Graedon and Tielle Clegg? Returning to the site of their honeymoon getaway has some unexpected surprises that could lead to a happy ending.

Seduced by The Heir by Pamela Yaye

The third entry into the Morretti Millionaires series, tells the story of workaholic Rafael Morretti and his quest to reunite with the one he let get away, Paris St. Clair. Set in Venice at a destination wedding, the sexy CEO will stop at nothing to win his woman back, but when blackmail rears its ugly head, can they truly enjoy their second chance?

Secret Silver Nights by Zuri Day

Fifth in the Drakes of California series, Day weaves a story of desire and political theatre. When Niko Drake decides to run for mayor of Pleasant Cove, he had no idea that he’d be running against the sexy Monique Slater — and even less of a notion that he’d fall for her. Giving in to desire, they try to keep their affair a secret, but a blackmailer has other plans.

Eve of Passion by AC Arthur

Is it real love or a political power grab? When billionaire Ballard Dubois proposes to Janelle Howerton, one of the Silk Sisters and daughter of Darren Howerton, a congressional candidate, what is his motivation? Are they both being used for political gain or is it the real thing?


Take Me In Your Arms by Judy Lynn Hubbard

Here’s what Judy has to say about the long awaited follow up to her 2012 novel, These Arms of Mine.

Q: Angela and Cam, finally! Why did you decide to write about these two characters? 

Judy Lynn Hubbard: After I wrote These Arms of Mine, I had always planned to tell Angela and Cam’s story, but I got sidetracked big time with my Carter Sibling Trilogy. I’m so happy to finally get their story out and I hope readers enjoy it. Fingers crossed!

Q: Were the readers breathing down your neck to get this story?

Yes! LOL! Everyone wanted to know what happened to Angela and Cam and I couldn’t be happier that readers enjoyed their first glimpse of these two characters and wanted their story to be told. I gratefully dedicated Take Me In Your Arms to them.

Q: What was it like to flip the script? Angela seems to be the commitment shy one here.

It was fun to shake things up a bit by making the woman the one running away from a commitment. Angela is extremely commitment shy—so much so that she made me want to shake her at times, LOL! She has her reasons though, that I won’t elaborate on because I don’t want to spoil the read for anyone. Let’s just say that Cam is a very persistent guy and he gets his woman in the end!

Q: Romance, as we all know, has a formula. How do you keep your stories fresh? 

That’s always a hard one, but I try to let my characters dictate my story, instead of the other way around. As in real life, every person is different with a unique set of values, fears, experiences and desires, so if I focus on each character from book to book, hopefully the story told will be fresh because it’s coming from that character’s unique perspective. 

Keep reading for more fall romance releases!


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