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Fallen Academy:Year One by Leia Stone

Updated on May 21, 2019
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Brief Summary

Title : Fallen Academy: Year One

Author : Leia Stone

Publication Date : August 17, 2018

Page Length : 350 pages

First book of a 4 book series

Summary :

Brielle Atwater dreaded the Awakening ceremony, knowing since she was Demon Bound she would have to follow in her mother's footsteps and begin working for the Demon that owned her. What she didn't expect was at the ceremony, she would sprout black wings and be found a creature of desire to both sides of the war. She doesn't understand what her black wings mean or what exactly she would be able to do since it was unheard of. What she does know is she would go to the Fallen Academy and work her contract while keeping her best friend close. That is until the Archangels assure her that there is more for her. Brielle has to figure out who she is while she learns more of her powers and fights her inner darkness. Not to mention the trainer she is stuck with : Lincoln Grey. With him butting heads with her at every turn, how can she even find out what she believes in. Especially since she can't help falling for him and hating him at the same time.

Fallen Academy: Year One
Fallen Academy: Year One
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Review time

I would first like to start off by saying what a fabulous read Fallen Academy : Year One was. It begins with a little insight to what the world is like around Brielle Atwater and how she got to where she was. This little back story leaves you wanting more. It was hard to put the book down, knowing that the Awakening Ceremony would unleash all kinds of Hell for Brielle and her best friend Shea, especially with the foreshadowing at the ceremony itself. The description of the different sides of the city, the Demon City and Angel city, made it clear that the war between Heaven and Hell had taken its tolls and it wasn't hard to find the differences seemingly realistic. Heck, I would say that if this book was to come to our reality, this is how our world would end up being. With all this within the first couple chapters, including some descriptions of the Demons that walked the Earth and other useful information, the book was off to a great start. As it progressed, it only became nearly impossible to put down.

The way Stone set up the settings and brought characters to light made it easy to get lost. It almost felt as if I was there with Brielle and her companions. With the emotions, I fell in love with each character for their unique personalities. Though I found some parts of the book to be extremely intense, I also found the comedic one liners to be perfectly placed to help ease the tension growing inside due to whatever situation was demanding it. Not to mention there was underlying romances to keep one from getting to wrapped up in the action and intense situations. Though, I think one romance was a little to quickly paced for my likings. I would have loved to see it drawn out a bit more, but can see how something like that would happen.

I enjoyed how Brielle grew through out the story. Even though she is willing to do anything for those she cares about throughout the whole book, it only seems to make her stronger in other ways. Ways that can make you wonder if you would do the same things as she did. I really enjoyed one part, where she was healing her best friend and thinking about healing everyone else and making that her life. Having had lost her father after her mother signing her soul away to a Demon to get rid of Cancer, it is easy to understand where she is coming from. This book really hit you in the feels at some points because of how Brielle thinks and feels about different things. For example, she doesn't want to "go dark", or become evil in this case, and is terrified that because she has problems using her Light Magic that she is going to become dark. Her will to do things right and be a generally good person, makes you like her all the more. It shows that she isn't confident in herself and worries she will end up doing something wrong by those she cares about. Due to this alone, Brielle has become someone I can respect and hope that others will look up to, even though she is fictional.

This book had a numerous amount of things that often one must deal with in one way or another. It helps grant courage to those who are reading it, by showing there are multiple ways deal with a horrible situation. It reminds us that we don't always have to rely on ourselves and that our friends and family r friends and family are out biggest weapons and allies in a fight we think we can't win. Fallen Academy : Year One may be fictional, but it has a lot of points that can allow you to see your life a bit clearer due to some of the situations within its pages to help remind of things that are often forgotten. This book was definitely a much needed read after having read so many books that were great, but also lacking in reminding us that we are creatures who are social and who need to rely on others from time to time.

Leia Stone was great at the descriptions and making it touch the reader. I believe the way she told this story was truly amazing. This was my first book by her and I cannot wait to read more. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially our young adults. I believe it was and extremely good read and allowed a lot of thoughts and ideas to be provoked in one's mind. It not only kept you wanting more, but also made you want to be a better person altogether. I would rate this book five stars out of five stars. It truly warmed my heart and has me dying to read the next. I just can't get enough.


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