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Fallen Angel-poetry

Updated on December 17, 2012

Fallen Angel

Three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred seconds
Is all we had together
I met you after id been swept under hand
And pushed under foot
Every second was worth a million hours to me
You pulled me out of the water
Awakened all of me
Let me know more than ever
Taught me more than the one before
And even more than the one after
You were an angel sent to me
To teach me
Then you pushed me back under
Tried to drown out my cries
My pleas
Even the greatest angel can fall
And you fell because of me
You became the fallen angel to bring me down
You became the fallen angel that fell right on me
And then you flew away no more of you for me to see
The one that was so good to me
I chased you for too long
Never realized where you were
Until I realized you weren’t worth it
After all you’d done to me
You shot me through the heart with cupid’s arrow
You pulled the string to far back the arrow went far too deep
For so long I couldn’t even sleep
I chased you so far
It was the only secret I could keep
Keep from me
That I could never have you
And now I don’t even want you
So I say fuck it all and fuck it no regrets
You left me
Not because of me
But because I never meant a damn thing to you
So fuck it
I’m done chasing you


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