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Fearless by Cornelia Funke, Book Reviw

Updated on March 18, 2015


Jacob traded his life for his brother’s in Reckless, and now he needs to find something to lift the curse off him before it is too late. He has tried everything on both sides of the mirror, but nothing has worked so far. Only a few months left before his death comes, Jacob doesn’t have any hopes. There is only one thing, something even the Mirrorworlders consider to be a myth. The crossbow.

Made by an evil witch king years ago, this crossbow helped him kill thousands at a time, and conquer lands, but after his death, the crossbow disappeared and became a myth. There is another, less known property of the mythical crossbow, apart from killing thousands, it can save one, if shot through the heart. As Jacob and Fox embark upon this dangerous quest, their only hope to save him is the crossbow which they are not sure even exists. Jacob and Fox face all the plights together as they get over their differences and realize they both love each other.

Their difficulties are greater than before as a Goyl treasure hunter, Nerron, a prince and a waterman compete with them for the crossbow. They go around the world behind the mirror to find clues as to where the crossbow is, how to get to the place which no one knew existed and the perils which they will face once they get to that place.

You can buy the thrillingly dark fairytale


Fearless is the successor of Reckless. Cornelia Funke beautifully narrates the dark side of the Mirrorworld. Her dark and sly imagination will keep you exhilarated. As they both go to faraway lands, the reader gets to know more about the Mirrorworld, in depth. While they search for answers, Fox even goes to her home, and you will finally get to know more about her and her vixen skin. Just like Reckless, Fearless is dark and remarkably exhilarating, and makes you rethink about the definition of fairytales. If you have read the first book, then the urge to know what happens to Jacob will definitely make you read the second one, but if you haven’t, then read Reckless now, cause if you don’t you’ll be missing out on an amazingly thrilling and dark fairytale. I hope you will love the Mirrorworld series as much as I did, and think again about the idea of fairytale you have.

Want to know more about the mirrorworld? How the Goyl look? You'll find it all on this awesome site

The pictures will surely give you the creeps.

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4 stars for Fearless


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