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Feed my Ego

Updated on December 17, 2011

 If I let go

with the zeal of a teenage girl

can you handle

can you stand

will the pressure destroy your ego

or should I hold back

and pretend that I

am sweet

am subdued

am prude

When I know

that I

am a vixen

a siren

a daughter of eve

That I can

take you to the heavens

with just a touch

just a kiss

and maybe a twist two inches to the right

to hear an ooh

maybe an aah

and most definitely a gasp

There's that tremble

should I continue

or just let it go

give you a nap

Let you sleep

and wake you up

for one more time

so you can

take me in doses

so no overdoses can occur

But if it occurs

Can I revive you

With a kiss

a dimply smile

While all the while

stroking that ego

stroking that soul

Stroking you

as you stare at me

so vulnerable

so sweet

Man turns to boy

as I give you all

and all that I am

and all that I have

will be yours

just for the night

just for a fling

just for a yes

just for my ego


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      WOW that was really interesting to read. So what was the answer Simone? :D

      LOVED the hub :D THANK you for sharing :D