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Feeding Demons

Updated on May 29, 2014

Feed your demons

Whisper to me gently...

"This will all be over quickly...

Pushing the knife in deeply..

Twisting and pulling these memories..

Come...Join me in my misery..

Dance beside the flames of past's desire..

shaking, and pacing constantly

torture my brain but pray to let my heart go peacefully..

just a thought of your inner darkness

is a dream my mind cant processs

These tears that youve been giving

Isnt all that youve been feeding

bound by these chains of weakness

my ball and chain , your words , your hateful reasons

now only feed these demons

just a lie a fuckin figment

a waste of the years that we spent

The wise will learn these lessons, take heed and conquer their feelings.

If pain is love than im fucking hopeless..

Go forth and torch and corrupt..

destruct the life we disprupt..

rain down demons i cant repress

So take your fuckin demons ..

i can no longer feed them.

will you will live without me

or will i be the cause of your insanity!

no more words more god damned reasons..

fuck love and fuck these feelings..

your a shell ...just a decayed carcass..

no light left only darkness..

no rhyme , no fucking reason..

to be cursed still with your demons..

your love will taint not taunt you..

your past will always haunt you..

im done with happy endings...

fuck love and new beginnings. Zayleen pain 3.14


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