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Feeling a little writers block?

Updated on July 6, 2015

We all know how it is when you want more than anything to make that blog post but you are just not sure what to write about! I spent some time thinking and I have come up with a few ideas for you guys!

Are you a mommy?

That means you’ve been…


What style clothes to wear… We all know we don’t fit into anything that used to look go on us anymore, help a sister out and tell her some clothes that they can wear before and after pregnancy. We all want to save some $.

Shoes to buy… you know your feet swell, right? What shoes did you wear?

What’s happening week by week… to the body and the baby. Mommy's to be LOVE IT. I know I did.

What you should and should not eat and WHY… for instance, avoid salt and subway. Bam. You have a blog post. What? I can’t give you everything.

Why you did NOT get an abortion… this is a controversial topic, which can bring in lots of views. Let’s be honest, fair, and face the face that young girls who get pregnant can explore this option, tell them in a calm and understanding way why you never did it. You could include the risks and the great things that have come of your beautiful baby.

Maybe even a blog post on WHY you DID get an abortion.

Workouts for pregnant women… we can’t always do it all, moms. And that includes work outs while we are pregnant.

Things to have done before baby is here… financially, nursery wise, buy diapers and wipes before baby comes, etc.

How to tell your man… there are SO many cute ways to do this!

Trimester must haves… basically products you used in each trimester, or products you wish you had.

How to coupon?! Pregnancy and new babies bring mommy and daddy to be to want to save some extra cash!

Prevent stretch mark how to… I didn’t get them during pregnancy so I really don’t know about this. I know, I’m a bitch. But I got them during birth. So please, share about that too.

Pregnancy apps… this is pretty self-explanatory.

How to save money for pregnancy... ^^ more ways than coupling as I listed above.

Perfect outfits for new born.. funny, sweet, etc.

How to survive a summer pregnancy… I did not suffer though this. I had an April baby. I know, you hate me.

Baby products I wish I had.. They come out with new things all the time so, you know there are plenty of things you wish you had. Just Google it.

Hospital bag… what will you need in the hospital? What did hubby need?

Why it's okay to be pregnant and single.

Why it's okay to be pregnant and not married.

Pictures to take… instead of having girl’s pinterest the hell out of pictures, let them look at your blog post for pictures! Be sure to name your sources or even sponsor a great photographer you know!

Morning sickness tips, what did you eat? how did you lay? any quirky things you did?

Pregnancy shirts.. sweet, funny. Fashion forward.

What to put on your registry… and what's a waste of time.

Why is *_______* important during pregnancy

Pregnancy announcements… these can be adorable!

Dads duties

How you survived pregnancy without a man.


Do’s and don’ts

How to get your dog ready for a baby

Boy or girl remedies

Vaginal care before and after delivery


Prepare for maternity leave

How to survive when your job doesn't offer maternity leave.

Gender reveal ideas

Ways pregnancy changes you body & mind

Essential pregnancy products

Remedies for heartburn, acid reflux, etc.

Mom to an infant:


Then you know all about what new mommies need.

You also know what crap they just need to give up on and TAKE BACK.

You know what they need before they take that presh baby on that first vacation & fun activities for them to do with a new baby in *Where ever the hell you took your baby*

Daddy and baby relationship

Things you are grateful for.

You know the best brands for your child; offer some helpful but *not controlling and bitchy* insight.

What shows do you let/ not let your child watch and why?

Teething babies

Naptime hardships

Should your baby sleep with you? Why or why not?

Physical therapy if your baby has not developed as necessary. and WHY it is OKAY.

Popular toys


Nipple tips for breastfeeding

Learning activities

How and when to get your baby off the pacifier

What do you feed your baby? How do you make it?

Mom to a toddler:

Speech therapy


Daddy and toddler relationship

Learning activities

Popular toys

Potty training

When to move to a toddler bed

How to stop biting

Why is your toddler out of control and what you can do to fix it

Memories to make with your toddler

Vacations with a toddler

Toddler Meals

How to keep your toddler busy

Teach them to stay in their bed

How to kick the bottle

ways to discipline my toddler that works

a toddler bucket list... Things to do with them while they are still little.

Why you need structure and how you can achieve it.

Good Apps for toddlers

Finger paints

Tips for keeping your kids teeth clean

Get rid of that Paci!

TV shows you do and don't let your babies watch.

Have you had a real job?

Retail? Food Service? Etc. Spill the secrets of the sales and maybe even give a review on the job opportunities they did or didn’t give you.

Give tips for how to get ahead in a position you've moved up in.

Talk about coworkers and how to be a good coworker.

Do you have a TV?

Give shows reviews.

Do an over view of your favorite shows most recent episode.

Talk about certain actors.

Do sports talk!

Do you have a significant other?

Make a post on how you deal with your partner!

Silly corks that they have that you love

Gifts that you have given them

Ways you avoid an argument with them

Give simple relationship advice that you would have given yourself

Did you go to college/ are you in college?

Give reviews of professors

Talk about classes and how easy/ difficult they were/are

Share knowledge that you have gained from a class

Talk about experiences you’ve had in college

Groups and organizations to join and background information on them

Talk about what was cool when you went vs now or vise versa


I have skipped plenty of things. I was just trying to get in depth with the topics I did go over. There are millions of things you can write about. Share your thoughts with me!


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