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Feeling alone.

Updated on November 12, 2015


i know from personal experience with Depression,there's nothing worse than the feeling of being alone.its terrifying,it's unsettlong, it's horriffic,there are no words in the dictionary available that properly quantifies the feelings and emotions you feel being alone with just hope and pray that the feeling passes,just talking to someone helps immensely.if you know someone with depression, i guarantee they are struggling to deal with it daily.just you popping in to see them can make the difference between a rubbish day and a truly great one.

Depression gets the best if us.


Being lonely, having know one to tell,
With a mental illness,can feel like hell.
I'm used to the company,someone to pass the time
It's hard going to nothing,you can hear the clock chime.
Total quiet,peace and solitude,there's nothing to do
Puts you on a downer,makes you feel blue.
Thinking of things to liven up your day
They don't all work I have to say.
My dog, my cat entertain only so much
You depend on people,like the proverbial crutch.
Depressions been my constant companion for years
Multitude of emotions,laughter then tears.
Ups and downs,highs and lows
Hard to take,all the mental blows.
I go online or read a book,often it works if I go and cook.
Relaxes me greatly,takes me far away.
Lovely tasty food,kills a boring day.
Everyone has a crutch that they all rely on
Even after friends are often long gone.
Tiredness,happiness,emotionally frail and sad
Each and every day goes from good to bad.
I pick myself up when I feel really down,
Do something simple,even a walk up the town.
You never know your luck,you could turn a full circle
May make you feel lifted,an endless never ending circle.
The main thing in life is you never give up
Families notice changes,they're there to lift you up.

Helping Helps.

Just having a coffee!

I've had depression now for many years,I have some good days,some bad days,and some truly terrible days.there's no two days the same.i know people in my situation ,and I make a point to go to their houses for a coffee and a chat.not only does the meeting of two depressed minds benefit them,but also it benefits me as gives me a lift ,and takes my mind of off other bad things i imagine going through my head.just talking to someone with the condition can have an unbelievable effect on that person.Sitting on your own with Depression just gives you more time to ponder your troubles so to speak.your mind is a raging torrent if ups and cannot get the feeling of doom and sadness out of your head.

The awful reality.

A Wish For A Good Day.

just getting a good day is such a bonus.when you get a good day ,it's can be a feeling of total elation,problem is though,these good days are few and far between as the saying wife and my children give me so much help I can't quantify how much they help me in to words.i literally don't know what I'd do without them.And having people in general round about you in times of despair has untold benefits for your mind and mood.

The Way Forward?

Treatment Roulette.

there are many treatments available for depression.ive been issued with so many different tablets over the years I've lost count,it's very much a roulette till you get the right combination.i took tablets early on in the infancy of my diagnosis that genuinely made me feel worse than before getting diagnosed.Doctors have an extremely hard job getting the right tablet for the right condition.its all a bit hit and miss till you get the one ,that possibly can lift you out of the hole you feel you are in.

Some facts.

1 in 4 people can encounter some form of depression in any one year.

women are more likely to be treated for mental health issues than men.

10 percent of the population of children suffer from depression.

statistics say men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women.

1 in 10 prisoners suffer from depression.

Ever see normality.

Will I ever be rid of the condition?.this is a question I've rolled round my brain many times.i can't honestly answer it.i do feel better than before being diagnosed without a doubt.but it was a long tough road to get to where I am today.lots of ups and downs.lots of smiles,lots of frowns.

The Doctors I've seen could not have been anymore helpful if they tried,the NHS tends to get a bad reputation sometimes.sometimes it's justified,sometimes it's not.i think they get more right than they do wrong.It is a service that's admired worldwide,and rightfully so.


if I had the chance,to change my life

change sadness daily,for happiness in my life

id grab with both hands,I'd jump at the chance

id be over the moon,might even have a dance.

a chance to wake up happy,not to wake feeling down

if I had happier awakenings, I'd paint the town.


Had some low points,as well as some high

had some laughter,as well as a cry

felt I could take on the world

other days I couldn't move

couldn't get motivated

sort of lost my groove.

depression is such a mind menace

it torments your very soul

if you have personal targets

forget about your goal.

it takes away your feet

rips the rug away without warning

as night passes painfully

you in turn dread the morning.

Plod on ,buckle up,a long and bumpy ride

hope one day happiness falls by your yearning side.


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