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Festival of Harvests (3)

Updated on May 17, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

He is an irregular person

Who has come from the blues

Suddenly. Thus, they give

Him their word that if he would

Do them well then they

Would gladly work for him.

At the fortnight time when

He finished some portions of the

Harvesting and contacted them

They followed him to his farm

They had initially thought they

Would not need more people

Thus some of them stayed back

But others call them afterwards

That the work is enormous and they

Would need all the hands that are

Free to be able to complete

The work in time. That is when

Others would leave their position

Of joblessness in the market square

And went with them to his

Farm to work there. When

They started working for him

Carrying his products to the

Harvesting pavilion the market

Square has no free laborers again

For he has engaged all the

Laborers gainfully.

When others were looking for

Servants they could not get one

Because it took those laborers

Days before they finished carrying

His farm products to the pavilion

In fact, those laborers had to

Leave some of the products

In the farm afterwards

After that those laborers started

Attending to other farmers in the island

Who erstwhile have been using

The services of friends and relatives

To carry their farm products to

The pavilion center. It was not

A small ripple that he caused

In the land that year as he dusted the bests’

To emerge victorious and

People start saying even if he

Brings half of what he stores

The following year he would still

Win the competition for

All his farm products are good

And far better than others,

Yet there are many in the store house untouched

His father and siblings could

Not believe what happened as

They continue to marvel, saying

“Second Son?”

Causing ripples, emerging from the

Blues to win the competition

His winning was without controversies

It was clear cut, jurists could not

Maneuver anything he stands out

And stands tall among all.

During the merriment time, he does

Not want to stay among the people

Saying he wants to go home

And rest but the leaderships

Forbid him to do that asking

That he stays around for people

And especially the Youths to see

Him, know him. For no Youth has

Ever done what he did in the history

Of the island. He was shy and started

Walking with his father who now

Raises his shoulder up for he was

Proud of him that day. When reporters

Ask him how and why he did what he did


Was he trying to prove something to

Anyone or the town? He replied that

He never intended for what happened

To happen and assuming he has known

That he has worked far and wide

Maybe he would have reduced the work

But he never knew, for he always leave

House early and would return late at night.

What has been in my mind is

Contributing my meager quota to the

Development of the island as my

Father has always been telling me

And my other siblings when we

Are with him in the farm. What happened

Today as it has become a surprise to

You, I must tell you it is also a surprise to me

A reporter asks but rumors have

It that few weeks back you went to

Your brothers that you all should compete

At the festival of the harvests which they

Replied you that they are not ready

For any competition. Is that true?

Yes, it was true that I contacted them that

We should compete, but they said they are not ready.

From this some people have been

Insinuating that you wanted to prove something

To them and maybe other farmers. What

Can you say to that.

Well I think they all are mistaken

In that assumption because that was

Not what was in my mind. They all

Are stronger than me and could work more

Than me. I have only contacted them

Because I had believed that they would

Be more than ready for the competition

So, I went to them to know how prepared,

They are and as siblings how

We may work together to

Get out finished products to the pavilion

For exhibition and analysis and for the

Competition. But what they told me was

Not what I expected from them. Having make

Up my mind to go to the competition I have

To tell them that I will not back out

Because of them this year, and they all

Say I should go ahead. I have their blessings

Before going ahead with the competition, he replied

Oh, is that so? The reporters said

That is it. What can you now say

About what happened to you because you

Have set a record. Well what I want to

Say is “Slow and Steady will always win the race”

That is what my late mother used to

Tell me when others are making jest of me

No one should write himself off, what

Each person needs to do is discovering himself

Or herself in the journey of life.

That is the first thing. When anyone discovers

Himself, to make progress in life would be

Easy for the person would not imitate others

He will do things conveniently without

Looking at others, such a one would not

Use other people’s timetable to work

And that has really help me in achieving this feat

I equally want to appreciate my father

For his recurrent speech that I should

Work on myself makes me look inward

And it makes me discover my real person.

If he has not been saying those, I may

Not have woken up, I may have been

Following my siblings imitating them

But by his words, I know I need a different

Timetable for myself which I did and

Which has paid off for me as you all could

Attest to today. The youths like me should

Know that when their parents are repeating

A word to them, they should not

See that as hatred, as if they do not

Want them to enjoy with their peers,

But they should reflect on what their

Parents are saying and work on it

For no parent would want his child

To be lagging behind as others make

Advancements in life. Therefore,

Let no one think he cannot achieve

A feat. We all can do it and we all should do it

We need to work to Surpass the achievements

Of our parents for that would bring them joy.

The reporters thank him for

His time and they leave him as he and

His father walks to a corner to

Sit to watch the entertainment



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