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Few Words For The Broken

Updated on June 29, 2017

There comes a time in many peoples lives where they just begin to feel at a loss, like no matter how hard you try things just always seem to go down hill no matter what you do. I will say I have been there before and sometimes I still feel that way no.

There is alot of lines saying things about how the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers, while I suppose in some cases that is true there is still those folks who constantly get the short end of the stick and are forced to go through life without feeling any real purpose except to live and make new babies. But that isn't true, everyone has a calling in life at times it is just a little hard to hear what it might be.

For those who just feel broken and sad let me tell you something, stop. Just stop. By now everyone knows that the world isn't full of sunshine and unicorns like people say when you are younger, it isn't and I will not sugarcoat it whatsoever. It is a hard thing to do in this life for those who are not prepared or have no real idea of what they should do, but that is why you gotta work. Find stuff you like to do and stuff you are good at, learn about yourself. many people have made quite a good living doing the things they like to do or the things they know how to do.

Will take some work, will take alot of hard times and beatings, but there is a special line in a movie that summarizes this post well. "It isn't about how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done." That statement alone is something to live by, it means no matter what knocks you down or beats you up, stand back up and fight on.

It falls into not only life but how you get the things you want. You want that new bike? Work for it, work hard and feel the plain ecstasy of working for something you want, that is how you do it.

but if there is a moment where you feel like you cannot do it talk to someone, have them help you out, let them know you need a bit of assistance in this time, have them know you need a little help getting back up and fighting.

Family, friends, a pet or whatever can help with that. They can show you that not all is lost, find your calling and use it to push ahead. Like I said this world isn't all roses and daisy's, it is alot of hard work and alot of hard ships, the more you work hard the better the pay off will be, the better it will feel when all those people who acted like you were a big good for nothing learn that you are the king or queen of your own life, fight on and win what you want.


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