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Fezile Nolizwe Mkhize the sweetest girl on earth.

Updated on July 29, 2015

Fezile Nolizwe Mkhize, the sweetest girl on earth.


The sweetest girl on earth, Fezile Nolizwe Mkhize.

Fezile Nolizwe Mkhize.

The sweetest girl on earth.

As your guardian brother from the mercy of mother and dad.

This is my gift to you.

Nolizwe you look spontaneously gorgeous and amazing.

The Gundiz we are all proud of you.

Keep up the art of mastering self, and nourish ‎the dreams of your heart.‎

Please ask Zinzi for advise, before you consult with your professors.

‎The nervous system.

Our emotions.

As well as the seat of the mind, and where does
intelligence or wisdom stem from?


The symbols of our world.

Our race.
As well as level of education.

How the mind works?

Cognitive thinking and reasoning.

What causes diseases?‎

The food we eat.

Hereditary from our DNA and parents.

What is DNA?

What causes depression?


Is it possible to cure depression?


Trauma could be the cause of a disturbed mind?‎

‎As well as mind altering substances.


What is the difference between mankind and

A lion gives birth to cubs.

Under the care of the lioness, they watch
their parents hunt for survival.

When they are old enough, they hunt for the first time‎.

How anxious are the cubs when they grab the throat of the springbok for the first time.

Are the young lions anxious‎?

Or does the first hunt make them masters of survival,

before they start their own family.

Do the lions dream of mating.

Do lions dream of hunting.

Are we different from animals?


Animals are wild.

Veterinarians ‎tame animals.


Is diverse in culture morality and believe.‎

As civilized as mankind is, society is brutal.

‎‎Life is a fight for survival.‎

Love Nkosinathi

Gods Poet Nkosi‎‎


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