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How Stories are Written

Updated on March 10, 2010

Feather Touch

Our in-house content editor. Also does some line editing, gently noting where something could be done a tad better. Corresponds with sensitive writers. Someone to be loved, not feared.

A good editor is a writer's companion, someone who works side-by-side with the author to keep the project on track, solving problems as they come. For this to work, the author and editor must quickly establish a good working relationship based upon mutual trust. Efficient communication methods are crucial in allowing each party to do what they do best: The author needs to focus upon the project, and the editor will be working in the background to ensure a consistent high quality of the manuscript.

Running your manuscript through a conventional editing firm may satisfy your immediate needs, but will such services make you a better writer or a lazier one? At Fiction Factory, we believe that ideally the author and editor should be collaborating while the project is in progress. Writers learn from their editors, and vice versa. Technical and structural flaws that the editor has pointed out, initially, can eventually be transformed into new and improved techniques for the author.

Another advantage of this approach is that it allows the editor to step in and help resolve problems before they escalate into a paralyzing crisis. So by having an editor available as needed, the author can remain focused and highly productive, setting ambitious goals and sticking to them.

Finally, it remains true that good books are written, great books are edited. Our editors ensure that the manuscripts under their care will fulfill their true potential, and certainly not be weighed down by any errors, omissions, or structural shortcomings.

Fear Factor

Some days are better than others, but when bad things are bound to happen, it is better to have an expert on your side. Fear Factor appreciates the bittersweet taste of life and death, extracting from the morbid an essence not altogether indigestible.

It came to me one night

that in the case of fright

there would be some to show

that after life will glow

the candles of despair

and shame shine everywhere

Lady Grace

Our voice of feminine reason, soft and tender, but uncompromising in her honesty. Lady Grace looks beyond the facade, to find where the personalities lie - extracting emotions, spelling them out, then putting them back together to make the character whole again.

In good time, all reason shall be yours

if only you will dare

to stand and then endure

the pains that were withheld

when all the men came home

from wars, left you alone


I respect you Sir, dare not talk about you, but only address you directly and with courtesy. Scaremonger, you are to us dear, even though we fear the power of your words. So intense is your psyche that we need but a few drops of your extract to spice up any story of ours.

It was the night before

she had come home to a house where he used to be

but now it was empty, none to see

then, behind the velvet curtain, stood a shadow of herself

Roman Trend

Writes straight fiction with emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of human existence, relationships. He established Novelty - The Literary Showcase, which founded Fiction Factory, and remains one of its driving forces.

He writes here from time to time, but recently established his own account, Roman Trend on HubPages.

Who else - how about you?

Don't worry, we have lots of other writers and editors. We will feature them here, and can always find others as the situation may require.

If you write literary fiction, certainly quality fiction, why don't you drop us a line? Aspiring authors are also welcome, there is always room for growth. 


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