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Updated on September 19, 2014

The sky is spitting on my face,

Yet I’m still out harvesting at my work place!

My fingers are cold,

Oh how this day is quickly getting old!

You see this ain’t no combine jam,

No this rap is old school we do it all by hand!

The way our grandfathers once did it,

Though believe me I surely haven’t missed it.

All this research technology,

And we still pick by hand that’s our fieldology!

This is not a complaint

Though I’m showing little restraint!

Don’t get me wrong I love what I do,

This work isn’t just for any of you!

I work for a great company,

To me it’s actually kind of funny,

How a recent college grad like me could be so lucky,

To land this gig guess I really am a smarty!

Come to think of it I love doing the dirty field work,

It’s about time someone saw it and put me in the field to work!

Guess I have to thank my new boss,

For he took a chance on this girl who could have been a total loss!

But to me it’s a win, win I get a new job, a new living space,

He gets a girl super excited to learn in the field at his workplace!


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      John Q 2 years ago