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Fight From Fear

Updated on March 17, 2013

I am right

you are wrong

you are strange

don't belong

don't fit in

shouldn't exist

you and your kind

are misfits.

Get away

crawl and die

I don't care

because you don't

agree with me

we can find

no common ground.

Wait come back

I didn't mean that

I'm not always right

I'm not always right

hard to admit

so show me


You might be right

I might be wrong

we might like

the same song

you might show me

something I don't know

don't go.

Let's try again

let's be friends

if we don't

I fear this world

where love



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    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 6 years ago from Midwest

      I felt like it was more SURRENDER. Thanks for the comment, junko.

    • junko profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      That sounds like a COMPROMISE, live and let live.