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Figure It Out Later

Updated on March 8, 2017

Grasping Bewilderment

Never has there been a face so prominent in one's mind that they feel they have to discover the hidden masterpieces within each crevice of the hand belonging to that face.

What I left was erasable. Washable. Easily rid.

What you left is burned into my skin.

Branded into every memory of heat and light.

I see red, I see you.

I see orange, I see you.

I see yellow, I see you.

I see fire, I feel you.

I can not begin to fathom the difference that composes my particles or yours, but I can fathom the constellations they could create together.

When people think of fire, they think of some form of obliteration.

When I think of fire, I think of the cosmos composed of every spark that has completely consumed your mind with reverence.

And maybe there's a possibility that I was the first hint of a spark. but you created this wildfire all on your own.


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