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Final Say

Updated on July 7, 2015

It was one of those mistakes youths make,we were young,immature and lacked the experience needed to solve the problem but tell me where and how two sixteen years old exploring the world would have solved the problem. What actually came to my mind was to commit suicide when we found out that she was actually pregnant.

I came back from the workshop where i was learning auto mechanic and saw her with her parents,without being told,i knew that there was fire on the mountain. My father almost buried me alive when i agreed that i was responsible for the pregnancy, i suffered the pain of the slap he gave that day for years and till these day,hearing with my left ear is difficult because of that slap.

She stopped going to school and was forced to come and live with me,her father refused her under his roof and my father rejected us but thanks to one of my uncles who lives in the south west,we got a one bedroom free and also he paid for a space for me and bought me minor tools to establish a small workshop while Beatrice began learning the craft of cake baking.

We tried to get our parents to forgive us though our mothers were lenient but our fathers dismissed us,my own father disowned me anyway and when Beatrice gave birth,none of them ever cared,my mother often sent us food and cloths for the baby and her own mother usually visited but that wasn't enough but my Uncle was always there. Even when life began smiling at us and Beatrice opened her own bakery,our fathers refused to bless us but who cares, we went to the court and did a court marriage.

I stopped visiting my hometown because of our parents and stopped Beatrice from trying to work things out with her father because he doesn't want. We had two more kids after KC. KC loved soccer from childhood so i supported him all the way and even paid a huge amount of money for him to join the football Academy.

Now he has made it to Europe and our parents remembered us. That rejected bastard grand son is now the pride of the family.

Which family? I asked my father. Well, i have no father if you should know and my children has no grand father so walking him out from my house is not stupid of me because its important to remind him what he did thirty nine years back. He threw us out and coursed me that i will never see good but one thing he didn't understand is that God has the final say. Everyday,i thank God that we were inexperienced when it all began because KC would have been aborted.


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