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Finbarr Saunders

Updated on February 11, 2010

Finbarr Saunders and his Double Entendres is a long running comic strip in Viz Comic and features a boy, called Finbarr Saunders, who spends his whole time overhearing various phrases with rude double meanings and chortling to himself. The overheard conversations are often between his divorced mother and his next door neighbour, Mr Gimlet, with the pay off being that at the end of the strip to Finbarr's complete ignorance they actually are having sex and this time taking their rude comment to be innocent.

Further strips have involved Finbarr's mothers Russian "friend" Sergeigav whose English is so bad that innocent phrases are translated into suitably rude phrases, for instance calling his "record deck" his "rock hard dick".

Finbarr's overhearing of the double entendres is normally accompanied by a chortle that ranges from the ever-popular "Fnarr Fnarr", to "Warf Warf" to "K-Woo! K-Woo!". Each chortle increases in intensity until at the end of the strip Finbarr is almost apoplectic.

Finbarr's full name is Finbarr Hawtrey Saunders, as a tribute to Carry-on Star Charles Hawtrey upon whose humour the cartoon is very firmly based.

Examples of Finbarr's Double Entendres

  • Computer repairman talking to Finbarr's mother about turning on the computer. "Unless you know where it is you can be fiddling about for ages without getting anywhere but once you find it you just have to flick it with your finger to get the juice flowing"
  • After Mr Gimlet has fetched a box from the shop for Finbarr's mother he says "I can't wait to open the flaps on your box and have a good rummage inside"
  • This is followed by Finbarr's Mum saying "Where are you going to get it out?" to which Mr Gimlet replies "I fancy having it on the Kitchen Table"
  • Finbarr's mother is discussing how her hairdresser's business is expanding. "She's about to open branches in Portishead, Keynsham, Avonmouth and Nailsea."

    Mr Gimlet replies: "Ooh, she must be really big in the Bristol area."

  • Mr Gimlett tells Finbarr "I'm taking your mother on a tour of the north-west, first I'm going to Oldham, then I'm going to Bangor."
  • Finbarr and Mr Gimlet go to cut down a Christmas tree. "There's a good one, Finbarr. What a lovely long pole! Give me the axe, Finbarr... now it's important to get a good grip on the shaft."
  • When Finbarr and Mr Gimlet are stranded. "Oh no, we're stranded out here, but here comes a helicopter to the rescue. What a lovely shiny chopper!".
  • When talking of his picture printing apparatus he says "I've got a small Johnson, but it can enlarge to nigh on a foot when it is turned on in a darkened room".
  • When talking about taking pictures of people he passes on the street, Mr Gimlet says "I often startle passers-by when I suddenly pull it out of my trousers and it goes off in their eyes."
  • When describing the lamp in his darkroom he says "Mine's quite large and glows red at the top"
  • When demonstrating how easy it is to take off the lens he says "A few quick twists of the wrist and it comes off in a couple of seconds... Mind you I haven't had it off in ages, so it was very stiff this morning"
  • When talking of his wife's antique camera, a man says "I've spent many a hot afternoon with my face under her hood, flicking away at that button, trying to make those leathery old flaps to open up."

Finbarrs Chortles

All together now.......

  • Fnaar! Fnaar!
  • Arooga! Arooga!
  • Bip! Bip!
  • Yibb! Yibb!
  • K-Wooo! K-Wooo!
  • Yik! Yik!
  • Arp! Arp!
  • Warf! Warf!
  • Tsssk! Tsssk!

and of course

  • Chortle! Chortle!

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Some Classic Finbarr for you to read


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