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Finding Love.......

Updated on June 12, 2015

In conversation with God

A fairy asked to the Almighty Lord

I want to experience humane love

Oh God, allow me to touch that land

Where I can find my love, my man

God smiled and whispered

Finding true love, the toughest charge

Ask for something else, my rising star

Looking in the eyes of God

Angel utters some words to her Lord

I believe you, I believe in my luck

What else I can desire, except true love

God allows her to leave and go

With a condition not to reveal her real role

‘Find true love but never use your powers

Display your lifeless form to search a real flower

On earth, by being a priceless magical diamond

And covers itself in to mud and wet sand

Passengers come and go, passes days and nights

Unnoticed, tiresome, depressing and frights

Days turn in to months, months in to years

Endless waiting is now turning into inevitable fears

Bring me back, oh my divinity from this atmosphere

No one is keen to find what is now despair

No one has time to know what is divine

No one is eager to be that ultimate digger

A long silence and only grievance

Love comes to those who has patience

One fine day A man stops in the middle of the path

Looks at the stone with hunger and wrath

Think it as a shining stone;

Says with a moan, the source of my today’s appetite

He went to the jeweler to get the right charge

Fairy thinks that now her pain has come to an end

Jeweller, a handsome and rich man

Offers very less than its real price

This breaks her heart thrice

Diamond cracked itself in so many parts

A voice comes out from the heart

I have no complain with this poor fellow

He is unaware about what is my real worth

Unique, unmatched, priceless and miraculous

U were aware but you offer lesser value

U don’t deserve me, you selfish, fool and hollow

One don’t deserve true love

If one does not know one’s real worth.

Pieces become unseen

After a saddest silent scream

After a long time, when fairy become detached

Her faith in God gradually has been smashed

A man passes from that way

Sits in the shade of a tree after a long voyage

Finds those pieces in the dust

Prepares a fine necklace

For his unknown future lover

‘Oh my love, this is only for you

Somewhere in time, we will be destined

I am waiting, when is that time

I will be yours, you will be mine.’

Pieces become one, a priceless pebble

His words turn a fairy into a living creature

Finding true love, is everyone’s adventure

I am no diamond but a magical in nature

You are my love, I am yours my future.

Fairy thanks to God

Now you know

Nothing is more worthy

When you find true love

Never let them go


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