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Fire and Water continues

Updated on May 13, 2011

 The pain that exploded inside of Ally was more than she could have imagined. She could feel the inside of her body burning as she screamed. Blake pushed her body out from in front of him. Water poured from his pores and flooded over her body. Steam rose from where the flames had first struck her. Her eyes fluttered, telling Blake she was still alive. He turned his attention to Leon, whose hands were now facing Dee Dee and Margo. The flames seemed to be turning the water coming from Dee Dee's body, to steam before it could reach him. At Leon's feet layed the burned body of Megan.

 "Daddy, hit him from behind. He is stronger than any Elementalist we have come up against. We need everything we have to stop him!"

 Blake wrapped his arms around Leon. The water completely covered them both. Leon did not act as if he even knew Blake was touching him. "I am trying,baby-girl! It doesn't seem to be effecting him! I don't understand any of this!"

 A low growl came from Leon's throat. He turned to look at Blake. "Please, allow me to explain, while you slowly die, Blake. Can you feel the heat surging in your body? I am going to melt you from the inside out!"

 "How???? How is this possible?!?!? We should be killing you! You should be dieing right now, damn you!"

 "Ahhh, but as you can see, I am not dieing. Your little girls are just that. They are little girls and have little girl strength. Enough to rip the common mans body to shreds. The damage those two could do would be unbelievable. With the added gift of your dead wife... oh, did I say dead? I meant crispy fried wife..."

 Rage took over totally inside Blake. Leon's words caused his mind to nearly explode. He wanted nothing  more in this life than to see Leon die. He could feel the strength inside him turned to pure hatred. The water flowed like lava from a volcano now. In that instant, he knew where Leon's power was coming from. He needed only to figure out how to get his daughters to use the same emotion against Leon. Blake leaned in close to Leon. He whispered in his ear.

 "I know your little secret, you piece of garbage. You are not the only one that can hate. This is where everything ends for you. Feel it, Leon? Feel my hatred for you?"

 Leon's eyes widened. He could in fact feel Blake's emotions passing in to his own thoughts. He was afraid and now decided to use it against Blake. He channeled the hatred to his hands. The flames drew the desert sand inside and suddenly, Margo and Dee Dee were pelted with sand that burned into there skin. They both screamed out in pain.  Blake could see the fear in their eyes now. He realized that Leon was using Blake's own hatred for his own strength.

 "Dee Dee, Margo... use it! Use the fear to destroy him. You can do this! We, can do this, together. The girls seemed to understand Blake's words. They began focusing their fears on their powers. Dee Dee was shoved backwards from the sheer pain and force coming from Leon. "No, don't let him win! Stand your ground, Girl's. I love you! Do this for me and do this for your Mother. He killed her right in front of you! Hate is as powerful as love. Use it all to beat him!"

 Water flowed from Dee Dee. The desert began to swirl around Leon's feet. It crawled up his body, Dee dee trying to extigiush his fire. Both girl's bodies burned from the sand that hit them. They watched as Leon's flames became irradict. Some hit them while some of them flames seemed to be attacking his own body. Still more shot out across the desert, striking anything that was in their path. Blake wondered for a moment how far the falmes would travel before they burned out. It was just a question, it meant nothing.

 "He is weakening, girls. Don't stop! We are beating him!"

 Leon could feel his strength diminishing. Margo's fire began to burn inside of him as it reached his body. The sand that was his weapon now fell motionless at his feet. Only Dee Dee's wind, using the sand as her own weapon, was striking out. Leon's face burst open with tiny holes, blood flowing down his cheeks like sweat. He wanted to wipe it from his eyes but dared not stop the flames.

 "I told you we would kill you, Leon. Stop now and die in peace. I promise we will let you die quietly."

 Blake's body burned anew and he weas forced to let Leon's body go. He fell backwards and tripped over Ally's body. She grabbed him as he fell and wrapped her arms around him. She kissed him deep and drew the heat from his body into her own. tears flowed from her eyes as she felt the fire within him pass into her own. She pulled away and spit flames from her mouth. Blake stared at her with confusion written all over his face.

 "I don't know why or how, Blake! I only know i could feel a power surge in me the last time Leon attacked me. It is now mine to possess forever. I can draw in the flames and water and spit them out. It is MY gift, now."

 Leon heard her words and it was all too clear now. He was going to die. The girls did not need their Father's powers anymore. they were sucking the gifts from Leon as his body became to weak to stop them. He screamed. He screamed so loud and hard, his voice died inside of him. In one huge explosion, Leon's body burst into flames. Dee Dee stopped her flow of water. She focused on the sand that was engulfing Leon's body. He became a huge fire ball and then... he simply exploded. Fire covered the desert sand. Then, everything went quite.

 Blake saw the girls crumple to the sand. They lay there, motionless. He ran to their sides and scooped them up in his arms. He held them to his body, tight.

 "Tell me you are alright, girls. Please talk to me!"

 In a soft whisper, Margo spoke. "We are a little roughed up, but we can recover, Daddy. She hugged him tight and smiled a faint smile. Ally came to them and wrapped her arms around them all.

 "I love you. I love you all. Please, tell me I can stay forever."

The girls smiled at her and hugged her. Margo took Ally's hand in hers. "Where else would you go? You are like us now. Welcome to our world."

 "We can not ever go home Ladies. I still have the money I took out for Leon. There is enough to last us a very long time. We will start over again some-where and live our lives a free family."

 "That sounds perfect, Daddy. Just promise me where-ever we go, there will be NO desert!"

 He smiled at Margo and walking back to their car, he left the desert behind him, forever.   

The final Chapter... Please enjoy.

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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      thank you seems small when readers pay me such words as you have. But the thanks are from my heart. It truly does mean so much to me. And in the wee hours of the morning, "walking shoes" will have another chapter... Thank you and enjoy.

    • profile image

      Becky 6 years ago

      This was a fantastic ending. Ally's generosity has given her a whole new life. Blake has his girls back and it was a fantastic journey. Good has triumphed over evil.