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First World Problems

Updated on October 17, 2013


Cold air of winter nights
Breath a visible mist
Gloves protect from frostbite
From fingertips to wrist

Ringing phone in my hand
Alerts important call
Now a flaw that’s unplanned
Gloves create a wall

Screen is shielded from a touch
This call I must now take
Removing hand from warmth’s clutch
Tough decision I must make

Snack attack

Squeaky clean with a hint of mint

Colored white, plaque is absent

Placed the brush by the sink

Now my stomach starts to think

A grumble calls from deep within

Hiding where my hunger’s been

What to do? The taste won’t please

Why does my stomach want to tease?

Hunger waits as I ignore

Thoughts of food and drink galore

With resistance I make a snack

And I brushed again, I’m back on track

Still On

Collapsing in my bed’s soft caress

But still a problem I must address

Blinding light that sears my eyes

Extinguished only if I can rise

Laying in comfort yet discontent

Waiting only builds my resent

Finally I cave and disrupt my rest

No longer do I feel distressed

More Memes

I may decide to write poems for the rest of these but for now you can just enjoy a few more of my favorites.

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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