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Five things you must not have or do to write articles online

Updated on April 16, 2010

Wrting articles online- what do i need?

Five things you must not have or do to write articles online

Writing articles online is as old as the PC. Anyone can write articles online for the purpose of giving out information, driving traffic (targeted traffic to their websites making money, etc. To write articles online does not mean you have to be a genius or a guru;

1. You must not be an English expert. As long as you can communicate with readers in a chatty way, you have all it takes to write online. Though your spelling should be correct and your sentences should be comprehensive, you have to write or pass information in a simple way everyone can understand. Nobody has the time to look up a word in the dictionary to understand what you have to offer.

2. You must not write something that is fresh. Almost everything that you can think about has been written by somebody. So if someone tells you it’s a must to write something that has never been written, they are wrong. Find something that has been written before and write it in a friendlier and more understandable tone. Every writer has a unique way of communicating with people. Write like you are telling a friend about what you know, either what you know or had read earlier on. Write like you are explaining to a “dummy”.

3. You must not have all the skills required to write about a topic. Is it SEO, article writing, copywriting, technical writing, freelancing, etc. we have to understand that some people are born with the gift of writing like Shakespeare while others build their potential ability in writing. You have to start writing and the more you write the better you build your skills. No one is going to give you his or her skills before you start writing. Remember the experts out there once started their online writing someday.

4. You must not have long articles. Your articles can be as small as 250-300 words. As long as you make a point in your article and it is informative to somebody, you are doing great. Articles between 300-700 Words are the best for online purpose; most people don’t have all the time to read your “essay” online. Just keep your articles informative and brief and you’ll make most people happy.

5. You must not cover everything about a particular subject. For example, writing about dogs does not mean you have to write about the fastest dogs, the cheapest dogs, dog training, etc. Pick one sub-topic and write a well informed article about it. What matters is quality not quantity.

Most people are out there asking, must I do this or that before writing articles online? Will I turn off readers by writing this way or that? Dear reader, you can only find out by writing these articles. You only discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t. You might be better than most of these writers. Well the best way to know is by writing and calculating your success as you advance in your writing career. Good luck as you begin (or improve) your writing career.

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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago

      As far as writing long articles, you will learn in The Hubpages Advice and in the forums advice that articles best be 800 -1200 words at best.

      The more info on the page, and well written and interesting with pictures, videos, etc, will keep the reader interested.