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Flash Fiction: A Song of Love

Updated on April 27, 2015

The Little Bird

The bird soared higher, trembling as his wings flapped wildly – aiming for the stars; right now though, he’d settle for the highest tree in the neighbourhood. Not used to the darkness, he was surprised at how much the daily buzz of humans, the bustle of life, and the warming sun kept him feeling safe.

Finally making it, after pushing on higher and higher, his miniature frame completely exhausted clung desperately to a twig that jutted out on the highest branch.

Fragile up in that tall conifer tree, in the dark feeling so alone – he felt this was what he had to do, for her, even though she would never, ever hear him. Looking up into the stars, his tiny, tiny body desperately clinging on; the small sparrow managed to calm himself. Standing up as straight as possible, puffing out his chest, he exhaled - then began to sing. He sang as hard as he could, wishing she could hear him, even though she was gone forever, her tiny broken body somewhere he could never understand.

Down below, walking through the small park, a couple walked by.

“Did you hear that?” asked the young man.
“No…what?” answered his companion.
“Listen…now…can you hear it?”
“Yes! Yes…it’s a bird singing…but it sounds so sad, somehow? Is that possible? Can a bird sing sadly?”
“Maybe…it’s quite beautiful…maybe it lost its love?”
“No… that’s too much….don’t say that!” But they listened; to a song that sounded so mournful, up there in the dark.

The little sparrow stopped and just stood there. He looked out across the expanse. He wanted to stay there and look up into the stars. The song he had sang was all he had left to give her and to himself; his final parting song of love. With his head bowed, he wept cold and alone as the young couple walked on hand in hand under the beauty of the stars.


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    • thetruanttrain profile image

      Lorraine 2 years ago from Montreal

      Thank you Kate for the comment and the vote! Awesome!

    • Kate Truffles profile image

      Kate Truffles 2 years ago

      Aawe, there´s no sad so I voted up for beautiful. Nice one!

    • Chris Antonaros profile image

      Christos Antonaros 2 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Great flash fiction story! Good Job!

    • profile image

      Margaret Melrose, 2 years ago

      This story was great, i enjoyed reading this, about the sad little bird singing his song of love, very good.!!