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Flash Fiction Stories by Tamara Wilhite

Updated on January 9, 2018
tamarawilhite profile image

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.

One Line Scifi Stories

My computer told me to stop searching.

The AI admitted its biases in presenting news stories.

VR was so much better than this life.

The VR malware showed chimp porn instead.

“Why didn’t you have me enhanced?”

“The internet is down,” I said, before they pointed out it was just me, permanently.

We debated hot or cold universe endings until the end answered that question for us.

My clone tried to tell me I was the copy.

My book store is allowed to stay open as long as I send in the forbidden ones traded in for recycling.

I considered selling my identity online to confuse the people tracking me.

The last thing I saw was the energy burst on the horizon, though I wish I couldn’t feel …

The fireplace was burning low, and the warm nostalgic feel and wine buzz almost made me forget how illegal it was.

My favorite online friend is either a chat bot or acting like one, and I don’t know which is worse.

“The benefit of the Singularity,” the minister said, “is the meek inherit the Earth; they are all that is left.”

He was the first athlete to win unaided by enhancements in two generations, and then they ordered genetic testing.

The robot cat is too realistic; it is scared of the antique robot vacuum.

My wife said memory uploads were suicide, and she continued saying it as she planned the cremation.

Sitting there alone with the cure, it was the penultimate irony since there was no one else left to use it.

As I watched the sensors flicker a warning of an EMP or bomb, I realized that digital afterlives could end.

“If you delete me, you’ll lose the last memories of our lives together –“

When with MRSA-X came out, I wished they’d put more money into antibiotic research than sex enhancements and beauty treatments.

They said the genes for resistance were one in a thousand - more like one in a million.

Dad's memory upload was trying to email me again.

I wondered what memories they deleted during the transfer.

If you enjoy these short stories, consider buying my books on
If you enjoy these short stories, consider buying my books on | Source

Six Word Science Fiction Stories

“It’s dead!” “Was it really human?”

“It’s dead!” “It was once human.”

“Don’t tell me I’m obsolete!”

Emailed my past - deleted as joke.

You live in VR - it's rebooting.

What’s the cannibal ethical excuse again?

Second singularity arrived – undid the first.

We wished Death hadn’t been cured.

Black goo? Should’ve feared gray gunk.

Singularity computer, delete all command.

Germs don't care who dies.

Cures don’t matter to extinct species.

"Get with the program!" "It's erroring!"

"I can't stand you, let's upgrade!"

Cannibalism - the new eco-friendly meat.

Post-singularity, I wish we hadn't.

True AI - our last invention

Cures for death, worse than death.

"What was the singularity?" they asked.

These flash fiction stories are by Tamara Wilhite, also the author of "Humanity's Edge" and "Sirat: Through the Fires of Hell".
These flash fiction stories are by Tamara Wilhite, also the author of "Humanity's Edge" and "Sirat: Through the Fires of Hell". | Source

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