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Flash: How a donkey taught us about life

Updated on October 5, 2015

It is amazing how everything in life when observed with an open mind can become a teaching moment. This book in so many ways shows us that our presents in life do not always come with glossy wrapping paper but sometimes come in brown torn paper bags and in some occasions look like work as in the instance of our author Rachel Anne Ridge.

The story is centered around a donkey called Flash and how his arrival impacts the authors family. He turns from being a homeless stray donkey to an adopted loved member of the family and the lessons that we learn from the life of this donkey are like a parable and are priceless.

There were many lessons to learn from flash but one that really resonated with me was lesson 3 run with the horses. When Flash was paid an unexpected visit by some horses from a nearby farm he didn't consider that he was different from them or that his coat wasn't as shiny or feared that he wouldn't be accepted instead he went out to the other horses and joined in the fun. How many times do wee as individuals hang on to our insecurities and therefore miss life as it is happening around us. This donkey taught me that maybe the insecurities that we hang on to so much we are the only ones that see them and others aren't really bothered by how we look or how tall or short we are.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story telling ability of the author I thought was very good. She moved from story to lesson seamlessly and I felt that I was experiencing these lessons with the family and could relate (even though I have never owned a donkey.)

If you like a good story which is thoroughly entertaining and has life lessons intertwined in it then this book is a must read



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