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Flash Fiction- the Day Shadows Turned to Blackness. Annart's Challenge.

Updated on June 2, 2020
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I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.


The shadows turned to blackness.

The sun is just rising on a peaceful day at Burnham lake in the U.K. Timmy is wide awake and full of adventurous energy. He eats his breakfast and drinks the last drop of milk before asking Mommie if he can go down to the lake. He's lived in the same house on the same lake for all of his ten years. She answers, " yes, but be careful. "

Timmy is standing by the lake. The sun is dancing across the water illuminating the golden sparkling hues.

He thinks, " Mommie didn't say not to wade. I can't hear any sounds, so I think I'll wade out a little further. Humm I think I hear a bell out in the distance, could it be a cruise ship?, shucks I wish I'd brought Old Shep with me, he's my seeing eye friend. I can't remember a single day when I didn't have Old Shep, he's ten years old too. "

You see, I'm blind. I only see shadows. Shep sees everything and barks happily when he sees something he thinks I will like.

I think I'll wade out a little further. I feel a whirling eddy under my toe's, it feels so good! I wonder if that bell I hear is coming from an ocean liner with bright dazzling lights?, if so, soon I'll hear the music. I lean forward a bit and lose my footing, down in the water, I feel cold. I quickly come up for air and hear Old Shep barking, I'm trying to go to him but the current is pulling me out to sea. " I'm scared " I yell. I feel Shep, he's pulling on my pants, struggling to get me back to shore. I feel dizzy, too much water in my belly. I feel Shep pulling harder and harder, soon I have my arms around him. " Oh Shep what's happening to us? " I feel his tight muscles relax, he slowly drifts away. I see only blackness as i drift endlessly out to the misty sea.

Suddenly Timmy feels strong hands lifting him. He hears Shep whimpering, his father is doing CPR, he's spewing vomit, then He hears his mommie softly crying. He feels Shep's wet nose on his face. He breathes a happy sigh of relief.

Mommie and daddy hold him so close he can hardly breathe, Shep is right in the middle licking his face. " Oh happy day " Timmy is thinking and making an nonverbal vow to never go into the water alone again. "

© 2014 Ruby Jean Richert


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