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Flash in my head

Updated on May 30, 2016

...somewhere in Cape Verde...

...the time was 4:29 am as he laid on the hospital bed waiting for time to face the knife. His surgery was scheduled for 8 am but he could not sleep throughout the night because thoughts of her took control of him. She was far from him but they had a sweet chat hours ago before she resorted to study for her exam, she was studying and he was thinking of her.

Can Love keep you awake?

He wasn't worried about the surgery, all he cared for was her, he wanted her nearby, he wanted to hear her voice, he wanted to hold her and he wanted to smile for her because he told her that he wants to be the one to remind her to smile and she believes him, she loves him too. Oh! they both cherish each other.

When she finished studying and sent him a text to say goodnight, he replied her that he was still awake and she asked him why, because he was suppose to rest his system knowing very well that he will be operated on in few hours but he went on to remind her that she was the reason why he could not sleep because he was thinking about her.

He told her that he tried to sleep but each time he closed his eyes, flashes of her erupts in his head, she was like a time bomb about to explode so that took away the anxiety ahead and left him thinking about the one he love. He complimented number thirteen, a number both of them understood more than every other person. The number or rather the digit thirteen is of great significance to them.

Sometime in 1989, a damsel was born, she was blessed and she represents a force to reckon, she wants to be nurtured, she wants to be loved and she wants to be cared for then twenty seven years into her existence, she came across him and the two tangoed despite the difference they shared, they both believe in love and as much they desire to be, they also desire to teach because age is but a number.

She asked him why he was awake and he told her that she was the reason.

Loving someone is easy and staying in love with that someone is but by his grace.

Her name is Ebony.


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