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Flashes of Light

Updated on August 31, 2011

Flashes of Light

My flashes of light and blue eyed soul

This sickness had taken a toll on my brain, body and soul

I crave you constantly and not being able to kiss like we know we could fills me with frustration

A touch unknown only to explore

the wave over a body she

can not control

her being around him arouses the urge

to pull into him and kiss that kiss they both

go blind and stammer over - again and again

the force merges to their lips touching again,

now a bite of pleasure only wanting a taste

of more and if to fast they both go

back for another round of that moment,

her being this person she never knew before

until now full of craving this feeling of something new

possible love for a life time

possibly not

She craves, urges of weakness she

needed all this time, now the doors to her heart

have been opened, the wave of what to do

is to come

is roaring.

 This is an original poem that I have not published anywhere until now


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