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Flashes of light in the sky - LA Xpress Paranormal Column

Updated on August 7, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

Lights in the Sky


I realized there was one possibly UFO type incident I went through that I forgot to write about. This is back when I was dating that same person I mention, who I had many paranormal experiences with. Some seemed like UFOs, others like demons, and this was also a time of great abuse in my life when I finally remembered that self-sacrifice (such as the Jesus story) meant to me that not everything in the universe was selfishness – and one day someone would and could care about me. Therefore this was a very important time in my life; one where I changed from focusing on problems, to focusing on solutions, when formed my spiritual views, and much, much more.

It was during this time we kept seeing flashes in the sky. Now, I don’t mean flashes like a lightening flash. I mean flashes like, the entire sky would light up for a millisecond with a flash so consuming and blinding you couldn’t see for a second, like a camera flash.

When the flashes started up, we were usually alone. We actually weren’t sure if we were the only ones seeing the flashes, or if many people were. Was this UFO related, or was this some kind of government project?

We wondered if satellites were being placed in space and tested to take photographs of the ground. Even though it seemed rather silly and impossible that they would build a huge flash just to take a night picture, (the flashes only occurred at night) it was the only thing we could think of besides a secret weapon or UFOS. I started asking people if they were seeing the flashes too. They said they were not seeing flashes. This leaned me to the conclusion that it was UFOs, as a government test project on that massive of a scale would be getting seen by others. Then, we thought “What if it isn’t UFOs, it’s government, but just focused on us?” That scared us more than any other possibility. We became haunted with fears that we were being watched and followed. However, I have not given up hope that one day I will meet others who also saw these flashes coming from the sky, and will know that it wasn’t just me being targeted.

Once, my boyfriend at that time was driving some passengers around, one of the few jobs he ever picked up. He had called me for help navigating them, as he was up in the hills going through circular roads and the GPS on his phone wasn’t picking up a signal. I was sitting at home on my computer telling him where to turn as he told me what the road signs were. Suddenly, I heard him AND the passengers of the car yell “Whoah! What was that!?” I heard a commotion on the phone, and I heard my boyfriend say “You saw that? You saw the flash? Yeah, that happens. It’s been happening to me and my girlfriend for a while now.” He came back on the phone to tell me he had seen a flash. I was excited that I had heard the other people see it too, as now we at least knew, this wasn’t some shared mental experience; it was actually something out in the real world. Because I’d had a nightmare when I was two years old of being in a laboratory having my brain chopped out by humans who turned my brain into a cyborg, I had been slightly worried that the night mare had been real, and each “flash” of pure white was me opening my eyes in the laboratory, for just a millisecond. You can laugh at this, but I was terrified. Once you start seeing big flashes in the sky for no reason, and with no explanation, you mind can go crazy with theories trying to explain it.

I heard the passengers in the background chattering excitedly and a bit scared, also theorizing on the light and trying to figure it out. This made me feel happy and content. Here, were some witnesses. Something really was happening. This was the last event of flashes I recall happening, and these flash events occurred for about two years. My ex recalls one last flash happening during the long beach incident, which I wrote about in a few columns back. He says it’s a flash that woke us up; but he doesn’t remember the steady yellow light that I do.

If anyone else has ever seen these massive white flashes of light in the sky, please let me know immediately.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess on the WILDMANBILLSHOW.COM. Her cell phone store is now open in North Hollywood, please see BELOW50PHONEBILL.COM and come get a cell phone service plan! Sydney’s photo is taken by Will Thompson: (714)351-7637

Flashes of light in sky UFOs



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