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Flicker; lights that we trully need

Updated on November 11, 2010

THE SUN, The most natural source of light

Sun is often associated with positive things

In life there is only one who really provides the real light.  A kind that shines and glimmers making us realize and see what is not   always visible to the naked eyes. 

The most simple source of light is a candle

Light is Essential

The modern world provides us with state of the art lights... bulbs in different colors and sizes, lamps in variety of lengths and shades, even candles nowadays are in attractives shapes and colors not to mention the scents.

Lights highlight beauty, it helps us to appreciate colors,and judge the surrounding, according to its positive and negative effects.Without light, human eyesight is weak in the dark that is why when somebody turned it off without warning, our initial reaction is to panic. So what is more important? the eyes that make us see or the light that make us see the difference?

Imagine how a simple bulb gives light to sorroundings

the eyes that make us see and the light the makes the difference

There are some people who prefer to stay in the dark in spite of perfect eyesight. These are the people who believe in their own reasons, thus closing their eyes to the reality that there are reasons better than theirs.

There are some, though still in the dark, prefers to be blindfolded, for they can't let go of the joy that the darkness made them to feel. Yes in spite of perfect sight, there are those who remained in the dark because they can't look beyond what they can see and sometimes, it's just too dark for them to see the way.

Why eyes remained close though they are not sleeping

Why some chose to have imaginary blindfolds on them

Blind People see most essential things in life

The blind, most of them have never witnessed the greatness of light since birth. They have no idea about the benefits of light, can't even tell what colors to mix and match...But what they see are the most essential . Lack of light made them appreciate more what the real light is. Real light is looking at things beyond its meanings, real light is knowing and accepting things no matter how painful it can be...

Why they sometimes see more than a person with perfect eyesight

The Best of all Lights

God is Light


And there is no better light than the creator himself.... He is the eternal light that is always ready to bring us out of the dark..... He is the light that sometimes we refuse to see. He is the light that we can see even without the sight.... He is the light ready to brighten our way.... He is our candle in the dark, a bulb a flashlight or a torch. All we need to do is to open our hearts to him..... And we all have the lights that we need

Lord is our candle in the dark, our torch our flashlight


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      10 years ago from Philippines

      Poohgrandma I can't thank you enough, yes faith is inside our the end of everything it's HIM that we always called...

    • Poohgranma profile image


      10 years ago from On the edge

      So very true. I enjoyed this and I am thankful for the reminder that my faith needs to be the most important part of my life and my love for Him, the first and strongest. He is the only one that is there in the middle of the night offering me Peace and He is the one, always there sharing my happiness, just as I share the joys of my children.


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