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Flight Patterns.

Updated on March 8, 2010


Flight Patterns.


The quill sails

in loops and swirls
over the parchment

fields below it.
Candlelit its stark,

incandescent patterns
blur as the poet flies

high in his mind,

and launches his

soul with fervor. 


Once the accoutrement

of wing it knows the

tight turns he demands.
Its sharp beak is

dipped into darkness

like the night hunts 

it shared long ago,
and then it floats again 

marking a prolific trail.


Soon it will perch drying
in the wee hours

as the poet dreams
while it's former host moulders
into tiny bones in a pasture
not far from the cabin.

The song of the bird
is now a song of soliloquy,
as man re-invents nature
into tools to praise it.  





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