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Floating Art

Updated on March 25, 2016

Looking at this piece of art
Makes my heartbeat stop
Oh how I love those ripped pages!
With lovely red ribbons on the edges!

As the Castle tower float
My heart beats fast I could almost choke
"What a lovely art!"I whispher
How could no one notice this makes me quiver

The words written on those pages are gold
Mysteries waiting to be unfold
Whoever made this Castle ballon art is a genius
I say you're one of a kind like Confucius

I see how words can lift the heaviest
I see how words can weaken the strongest
So now I wonder "How can some people not see..."
I closed my eyes as I say "The beauty of poetry?"

Ah! The ballon lifting the tower
To the ideas of the author I surrender
Books can take me places of awe
Just like this tower being taken some place only the author could draw

Oh well... someday they will notice
This art hanging inside this bookstore? Priceless!
The smell of the pages, coffee and souls reading
Fullybooked Taguig is a haven for my weird being

12:30 PM
FullyBooked Highstreet BGC


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