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Flooding in Colorado

Updated on September 16, 2013
Collage of six pictures from this mornings flood.
Collage of six pictures from this mornings flood.

100 Year Flood (Poem of my experience)

Thunderous roars and incessant tapping
Pouring down, no end in sight
Within these walls the weather’s trapping
People in their homes tonight

Saturation point’s been reached
As the flow now shapes the land
Retaining walls have now been breached
Only protection, bags of sand

A new river in creek bed forms
As trees and grasses lose their hold
Rushing waters from the storms
Wave and ripple uncontrolled

Day light breaks with no relief
Rain continues unabated
I stare back with disbelief
At the changes it created

Hours pass with little change
Random acts of Nature’s wrath
Unseasonal, the weather’s strange
Drenching all within its path

Finally the sun peeks through
Rain subsides and pools retreat
An end in sight that’s overdue
This storm’s damage now complete

Background on the Flooding in Colorado on September 12th 2013

I live in Brighton CO which did get a great deal of water but the housing here was designed to be protected from a 100 year flood so the water had a place to go. Some other areas in Colorado weren't so lucky. Boulder CO saw huge flooding from Boulder Creek. Estes Park, CO had their main street flooded. And even parts of downtown Denver and Aurora saw major flooding in the streets. Below I have a few videos from Youtube showing the disaster.

Boulder Flood Footage from Avram Gonzales

Flooding in Aurora by Yazcolorado

Estes Park Flooding by nickmollefilms

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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