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Following the Path of a writer: Week two and well... week three

Updated on December 20, 2012

Utter failure and woe, that would be how one would describe this week, at least for me. Now let me explain why.

Let me start off with how I did not reach my deadline. In fact I only got in a chapter. Sad... in any case I also could not get connected to the internet so I could not inform my readers of what had been going on. What if they think I left them high and dry, or that I had given up? No such thing has happened. I am typing this mainly to inform you that the challenge is still on.

Hmm... let me think of what else could possible be slowing down the writing process, (me trying to find the blockage) .

First off, there are some unwanted guest threatening to arrive on my doorstep, and due to certain living situations I have no say in the matter. I have been debating lately whether I should be nice and cordial through the time span of their visit or if I should lock myself in the dungeon of my room and refuse to see them, or the daylight, until they leave. That should inform you of how against them I truly am. They are the last people I want any where near my living quarters. So what would be the smart thing to do?

On top of that there is also the foolish notion that the world is going to end tomorrow and if this is so I don't know whether it would be worth it to spend all day in front of a computer rather than in the arms of my significant other. I, personally, would love to spend all day in the arms of the man I love. But this all is subjective and depends on whether or not the earth spirals into the sun. Maybe it will be alien's that destroy the world, or maybe the planet will just shrivel up and die?

Yet one has to believe in such nonsensical things in order to plan for it. Not to mention how NASA proved that such an event is impossible, aka disproving the theory. Me personally believe that the when 12/22/2012 comes around we will all still be here, Still have to get up in the morning and go to work, still have to pay the bills, and still have to plan for the day we actually do die, old age or uncontrollable disaster. Who will get the house?

So here is what I will promise you Hubpages, when the world does not end, I will fire up my computer and write another hub, maybe do some research about the Mayan's and if the world does end well then there would be no one around to tell me, "I told you so." either way I don't see how I could loose.

Now that my ramblings are some what over I think it is time for the challenge of this week, I believe that maybe I should take it a little slower seeing how the last deadline was a flop. I am going to try for a chapter at the least, if the world decides to blow up I will try to live to write that chapter.

I wanted to also add that I want the readers to set the next deadline. The first reader to leave a comment with their challenge will be the one in which I try to meet, cause how is a deadline a true deadline when you are only taking orders from yourself. Most publisher's don't let you set your own pace. So come on hubber's, give me your best shot.

Here is the song of the week!


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