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Following the path of a writer: a project

Updated on December 3, 2012

The start of the project

Hello there Hubbers. This hub is going to be a series of… well I don’t know how many. However many weeks there are in a year, I suspect. In any case let me fill you in on the purpose of this hub, for of course there is always a purpose.

As you can all guess I am a writer, aspiring to be published, and all that other what not. In order to be published though there needs to be a manuscript. Thus this delivers us to the main point. I am using this hub series to help keep me on track while I work up the courage to set myself weekly deadlines. Every week I will set myself a goal and every week I will try to meet that goal. And while doing so all the details of the process will be recorded here, just in case there are some other writers out there who are wondering how to get past a nasty case of writer’s block.

At the moment I am two chapters in to my book. Unfortunately I cannot give away any details of the story. But due to several distractions at home and the lack of any moral support I find myself once again incapable of completing a work. So here is my hope. I hope that maybe someone will find my little hub somewhere out there on the internet. I hope that maybe they will comment and give me some advice, and I hope that once this year is over I will be able to hold a completed manuscript in my hand and begin the next series I plan to write, “How to become a published writer: The struggle with finding a publisher.” And hopefully through all of this my book will end up in a hard copy form on a shelf in some store where someone will purchase it and be teleported to a new world once they read the contents of its pages.

But alas hopes are nothing without action. Now time for the first deadline set for myself (not as bad as it sounds). Drum roll please!


My goal for this week is to pump out two chapters. That would put me at four completed chapters and a lot more story to go. Awesome. I got this. There is no reason to fret.

Also as a bonus to the readers I will include a song every week that is in a playlist especially created for this book. So if there is nothing else of value in this hub skim to the bottom of the page for a little listening pleasure.

If there is anyone who reads this I will greatly appreciate you reading the next installment. It would be nice to know that there is someone out there who cares. Good luck to all those other writers out there and I wish you all the best.


Song of the week

Song of the week (From the playlist for this project) is Sweet Dreams by Emily Browning, the little girl who played Violet in the movie The Series of Unfortunate Events. You can find this song on the Sucker Punch OST album.


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    • Willsummerdreamer profile image

      Will English. 4 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

      You're on the right track now, from the sound of things. Keep it up. As for other advice....well that's kinda of tricky. There are as many ways to write novels as there are writers. All I can say for sure is do what works for you (which I know doesn't sound very useful, but its one of the few absolutes in this business). And read and write a lot. Good luck on the novel =).