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For The Beautiful Malaia

Updated on April 23, 2017

The first born Daughter carries the load

Upon your countenance, a devil may care attitude

No, I need none to help me see

That independent streak

The defiance within a Parent's nightmare

A grandmothers payback you see


Your cheeky grin

Your Fathers face

Slender of build

A Woman child comely with grace

A warrior, a defender, yes I know it well

Take them to task Malia my love

Hold the World to standards

By which you judge

As the Nation watched

You grew up to possess

Your Mothers elegance

refinement and class

Too stubborn to fail in that there's no doubt

To your Father this advice

Jamaican Father's have a cutlass or two

Sharpened and mounted in plain view

Written for the former President Barack Obamas Daughter.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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