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Two Poems

Updated on August 3, 2012

For Charlotte

paint your life

the way is clear

paint your world

bring it here

to this place

to this time

where your fear

where your hope

paint my eyes

fill my view

tell my soul

what you knew

tell us all

show the dreams

transformed life

your world’s scenes

art is life

life is art

life or theatre

your brief part

conquers death

gives the world

coloured sounds

strong in breath

in your song

in your words

in your art

echoes turn

flames and light

from your soul

blaze and burn

precious jewels

silent tears

fill my eyes

distant words

touch my ears

life or theatre

your brief years

paint your world

bring it here

© John Hopper



Cool emphatic ardour

World beyond music

Measured, magnificent, unconstrained

Sounds may be a swag of jittery molecules

Yet they live patiently inside my head

One day I will hear

and by their grace find her

lullaby for lost found love

resonant hesitant

alluring ethereal

mournful bowing

scraping strings

tense tintinnabulation

sonic destiny

rhythmic gazes



steps and cracks

assurance of blessing (future)

celebration, continuance

joyful, restless,

loud, exultant

humbled, enthralled

only voice, only cries, only moans, only joy, only noise

no thoughts, no words, no needs

animal spirituality ... drum

countdown to serenity ... earth

ebbing to life ... tambourine

ardent steps ... water

a benediction beyond ... cymbals

electronics, omnicoustic ... air

a rush, a calm, a calm rush ... gypsies

omens and auguries ... fireflies

Your cool emphatic ardour

This world beyond music your gift


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    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Welcome to hubpages , first time i have read your work and i find it interesting. everypoet has his own style and yours is unique . It is really to long and uses to many complicated words for me , but if it works for you that is great . keep up the good writing.!!