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How to Let Him Desire You for True Love Only

Updated on January 8, 2016
word55 profile image

Author of (Love Is Our Law) poetry book, songwriter, firefighter, real estate broker, College Instructor. 3 songs released. Yet to marry.

For True Love Not Just The Flesh

The gentleman approaches you,

In the sweetest way,

With an approach so charming

He has made your beautiful day,

Don’t give in to his lusting master,

That only wants a shot,

If he seems to work faster

Keep covered that precious spot,

Your response should be reserving,

If you want this thing to go far,

He is merely checking you out,

To see how vulnerable you are,

It’s going to take some time.

To know what he is about,

But you must have patience,

And that is no doubt,

Hold on to your prize,

Don’t let him win too soon,

Don’t be a cheerful giver,

With a juicy spoon,

Your life? Let him learn it

So you will get respect,

Then make him earn it,

To serve and project,

Have him to love you,

Like God had intended,

Then you can love him too,

Where love has mended,

Don’t make the mistake,

Of putting the cart before the horse,

Life is what you make it,

So take the proper course,

A good thing is worth waiting for,

Know it for yourself,

Be his prize kept in store,

He wouldn’t think of anyone else,

Good men have that dream,

Of a special wedding day,

Prepare to be the queen,

That he'll earn all the way,

Imagine you two at the alter,

And not just sleeping in bed,

Whatever you do, don’t falter,

But when you do it, be married instead.

Be True To Receive True Love

First of all, you must be true love in your heart that is ready to receive it. Secondly, the only way that I know of to gain true love is to accept the love of God in Christ. Once you do that, you are on automatic. The Holy Spirit shall take over and prepare you for the true love meant for you. No more choosing a guy because you, your friends and others think he is for you because he is good looking, suave, popular because of sports or for any reason other outside of having Godly love in his heart.You do not want a man to fake having love for you just to take advantage of your precious body that God created you to have. You do not want to be left with fatherless babies or children. Those are things to think about before diving into a relationship. What is on the mind and in the heart that counts. Try to learn his background by visiting his family and see how he is and how they relate to him. Notice truth from fiction. No, you are on your way. You are better equipped.


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