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For the Love of Money: A Frugal Writer

Updated on December 18, 2019
Virginia Watkins profile image

Virginia Watkins Diet Pepsi addict, chocolate addict, artist, published author, Illustrator, designer, organic gardener, and fur baby lover.

I am a frugal writer. And quiet possibly I'll be eating steak tomorrow, but for now just pass me the bologna please!

— Virginia Watkins

A Frugal Writer

Have you ever been told; "Don't get discouraged, just keep plugging at it!" I most certainly have!

Often I have wondered. When the money will roll in. Being a writer is really demanding work. And I will be the first to tell you. Most online writing gigs will be difficult on you financially. Why is that? There's to much competition, and not enough money to go around. So if you are just starting out, and you're in a slump... Getting disappointed, and discouraged equally goes hand in hand. And I would like to tell you that your luck will change soon. However, it takes a great deal of patience. Online writers are in a rat race. Each are equally talented, with a voice of their own... Some never are heard of... And a lot never even get their work seen. While many others do thrive.

Finding your niche, and writing about things you personally know, and love... Also, adding sense of humor into your work, really is the key.

So, you sent out your first submission, and it got returned back to you. Don't get discouraged. This happens to almost every writer. Tweek your work. Rewrite it if you need to. Or put it over in the rejected pile, and move on to a different topic. The more you write, the better your work will get! Revise, revise, and rewrite! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've started out writing about one thing, and ended up ditching it. To move on to something new. Months later I often go back to revise the first article, with fresh, new ideas. Rarely do I ever throw away any of my materials... I believe no idea is completely all bad.

I have been writing for several years. The best advice I can give to anyone interested in becoming a freelance writer... First above all. Don't quit your day job! As I've stated. Writing isn't easy money. Becoming successful rarely happens over night. I'm not saying that it can't happen. Just know that most often it does not.

Writing can be very rewarding. Even therapeutic at times. Often it's easier to write my thoughts down. Rather than it is for me to say them out loud. I do believe, a author's written work is very personal. We write about the things that matter to each of us, upon a personalized level. Daring to dream that everyone is going to love our work. Of course having our work unappreciated, overlooked, and possibly never read... In a nutshell, it's pain staking heartbreaking. But all to often, more times than not, this happens. It happens even to the best of us.

The following is a personal step by step guide that I use.

  • Set up your own personal space to write. Particularly in a quiet area.
  • Clear your mind. Think only about one topic at a time. Declutter all other thoughts! The house cleaning, and dirty laundry, will wait for you! Unfortunately, I know!
  • Start jotting down your best ideals on sticky notes. For example: If you're a gardener. Write memos about flowers, landscaping, vegetables... Stay within the subject matter that you're fluent in. In other words, start by writing about something you know.
  • Once you have composed your thoughts, begin integrating them together. Staying focused. Use tools, such as Google Keep Notes, Microsoft One Note, Google Docs, Evernote, Word, etc...
  • Make sure to revise, edit, revise again, and rewrite.
  • Now submit your work.

I would very much like to say... I write for the love of money... But this simply isn't the case. I'll be open and honest. I am a frugal writer. And quiet possibly I'll be eating steak tomorrow. But for now just pass me the bologna please!

Virginia Watkins

Virginia is a published author, illustrator, designer, among many other works. She lives in South Western Arkansas. In her spare time she loves watching YouTube, doing DIY projects, and taking care of her fur babies.

A writer writes, regardless of the time.

Studied at The Institute Of Children's Literature.

Native and raised in a small town, in Arkansas, studied at The Institute Of Children's Literature, she is a animal rescuer, food critic, organic gardener and food editor, Virginia L Watkins is the author of Southern Home-Style Cooking with Gin Lee, The Heart Of Cooking With Gin Lee, A Path In My Garden, Cooking With Gin Lee, From Out Of The Dirt, and Going Green, among other works, she lives in South Western Arkansas, with her husband, Vernon A. Watkins, with their fur babies, Highway (their cat), and Princess (their Boxer).


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