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For Zico

Updated on April 19, 2016

I don't know what friendship means to you but i can tell you that to some of us, friendship means nothing but one of those relationships we have, while to some it is just a normal thing but to people like me, friendship is one of the greatest gifts one can receive from this world. Believe me, there are some people that will come into your life and you will just realize that you have got everything; these are the real friends. There are equally some people that come into your life and simply leave you in pain,this kind of people are not friends and the period you shared with them doesn't count as as friendship in any form.

I have had the opportunity to come in contact with so many people from different works of life and from different continent, religion, tribe, race, both male and female and i have also had my share of green snakes on green grass, those lions on goat's skin that are just out there to break you but the good thing about me is that i take everyday just like every other day so i always bounce very strong at every bite by a green snake.

In essence,there is one friend that remains more than a friend to me. He wasn't someone i knew from childhood rather someone i met in the course of my journey, someone that taught me so many things that actually helped me as i journeyed. This great guy had so many plans with me,we worked as a team for years and although he was four years older yet,we were simply the best of best, we did so many things together and shared so many things young guys does share together because actually we met in the year 1999.

Everyone that knows me knows him as my best friend and business partner. One great thing about this guy is his ability to always protect my interest whenever it deem necessary perhaps that was why in return, the only place i enjoyed most was his company. Nwa Mazi, you really touched my life and i am sure that everyone that knew you would attest to this because Zico, you will forever be my friend. Death isn't that strong to break the bond we shared, those that killed you believed that they got their pound of flesh but they only destroyed your flesh not your spirit and i am sure that somhow they might read this just to know that though you are no more, you still linger in the memories of people like me.

Obioha, as memories of my past revive in my mind,i find a perception of a sign that holds all the friendship of life in words only my mind can contrive, you were my best friend and it was difficult for me to say goodbye, i couldn't even look at you lying helpless but peaceful in the gasket, you were loved and all the people you touched cried for you, you were one good news and anywhere there wasn't joy, your presence transforms darkness to light, you gave us so much reason to believe, believe me the six years of friendship we shared remains the best part of my life and as of today, i still wish to have a friend like you once more but there is no two Zico in this world , it's just only you my Gee.

I sometimes wonder if things wouldn't have happened the way it did that fateful night, i have imagined if you didn't stepped out by that hour, if you had waited for me, maybe they wouldn't have gotten you but it was a set up, you were marked that day and they had everything in place,believe me, we know them, i know them because as i walked down and saw you lying dead, i got confused but Zico, they know what they did and if you had waited for me,who shot you wouldn't have spared me. However my dear friend, you will forever live and until the day we will meet to part no more; My Gee...

For my friend, Late Mr Obioha Asoanya (aka Zico)


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