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For everything you loose

Updated on September 6, 2013
As one of two boys brought up by a single mother on the tough Anson Estate in Longsight, an area of Manchester which until recently was infamous for gun crime and turf wars between gangs, life's dice were loaded against him.

I saw my elder brother hit the street with his friends and I really saw what it was doing to our mom and I always knew that I didn't want to add to that stress - it was really breaking her down. My elder brother is still in prison although he is a hardcore but I know that he did not do the crime, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time besides being Indian in the UK is like being Trevor Martin in the USA. The police arrested him just because of who he is.

I know the street myself, I have always been at the street corner but you see, I focused more on my dream to be a professional footballer, to be a positive element and to motivate other people like me to pursue their dreams, it is hard surviving in the UK but where in this world is life made of roses. I learned to stay out of trouble and avoided association with the gangs, many a time, I came across dealers but I always say NO to every offer, I am simply blessed with a good spirit around me that kept me out of trouble.

I practiced more than everybody in the neighborhood, my friends nick named me the net finder.

Life treated me so cruel but that helped shape my life style, I avoided girls because I don’t want to bring in any child to suffer the same fate as me in this world, I know how hard it was for my mom to bring us up so I learned from her mistake. My elder brother was a product of rape; mom was raped by a white cop who was never tried. I don’t know my dad because he left when I was just six months.

Anyway, so many people felt that I will not live my dream but one thing I believed then and still believe now is that there is nothing like good luck or bad luck. Everything that happen to us, happen because it was meant to happen. Believe me, if you were to board a plane and in the last minute, you cancel the trip then 10mins later, the plane crash; it is not that you are lucky, no. It is simply because you were not meant to be on that plane.

I was suppose to fly to Scotland that evening, I got to the airport on time then somehow I decided to use the bus, I sold my ticket to someone and left, I boarded the bus and that was it. He spotted me.

He was sitting right next to me, honestly I am not a racist but I detest Africans (Blacks), I don’t know why I don’t like them. He tried to chat me up but I was not ready to chat with him. We got to Scotland anyway and I went my way, I had come down for a Job interview.

The Interview was not a good thing to write home about so I left Scotland the next day, could you believe that I met the same guy on the same bus but this time, he was sitting in front of me, I recognized him and by the time we got to Manchester, we were friends, we talked a lot.

Sometimes in life, we find it in places we never thought it could be.

All my life I wanted to be a footballer but my mom advised me to pursue a different dream, that was why I went to Scotland but here is someone I almost snubbed the second time about to make me realize my dream, he offered me a place in his football academy in Canary Island. “Wonders shall never end”

He did all the arrangement and got me my ticket then I left for Canary Island, believe me coming in touch with Uche showed me that the most adoring people in this world are the blacks, they can be African America or African, call them anything, Jamaicans, Nigerians, Zimbabweans; anything. Black people are the smartest in this world, no wonder the Americans voted in Obama.

Uche is a genius, although his training routine was tough; very tough, even the military will find it difficult to adhere to his rules. He is extra strict. He is hash and very serious, I almost left after two months but I stayed because I love football. Anyway staying few months more enabled me to really understand this guy, believe me, if everyone had his drive then this world will be a better place, you need a lobotomy; you'd have to do open-heart surgery to see what is in his brain and what he's got in his heart. He is natural and staying eight months had me on the line and well focused, I have been a striker but he turned me into a defensive mid fielder, that is why I call him a genius and there is no doubt about it.

He got me a deal with FC Astra.

I was very happy when the deal was sealed and knew that from there, I will live my dream, it was a two years contract and from my first my pay cheque, my mom will own her own house and car.

Two days for me to live for Romania, I decided to merry with my friends at the academy so we went clubbing that night, all I could remember was that we left the club around 3am, the next thing that happened were accounts by people. I was in coma for two months; we got involved in an accident which claimed three lives. Our car was not the wrong one, Henry was driving at normal speed but you see, the truck driver was driving under heavy alcohol influence and his carelessness shattered my dream.

Now I cannot play football anymore, doctors said I must not do any hard stuff, my right knee is broken, and my spin is broken. I would have been a total failure but you see, he fought for us and we got the insurance pay, we got it because he fought and was ready to lay his life to get us that Justice.

My mom now runs our family restaurant in Manchester, thanks to Uche, I am on wheel chair but I am not a failure, I set up my foundation to help people on wheel chair and today we have a large number of disabled people living their dreams. Disability is not a cause and not a setback.

I did not become a professional footballer, I did not have the chance to play for my favorite team Manchester United but God gave me a better chance to touch people’s life and I am so happy about my life. After all my mom now own her own house and car as I wanted.She runs the family clothing business as well.

For everything you loose my dear friend, you gained something and for everything you gain, you lost something, it all depend on how you see life.

What if i was among the dead that fateful morning?


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