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For my friend

Updated on December 10, 2013

A brief summary of my friend

Chief didn't like the young boy coming around and when he wanted to send his only son to London to study, he asked him to select three of his best friends that will go to London with him. Among the friends he selected was this same boy. He was not accepted and since no one else was fit to take his place, Obinna, left for London with only two of his friends.

Thirty years later.

The same young boy Chief didn't want to see around his home nor around his children, the same boy he refused to accompany his son to London graduated from the medical school and just last month, chief fell from the chair while eating and was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor on call was the young boy he refused around him. The crime of this young boy then was simply because he was poor. His Dad was a palm wine tapper while his Mom sold food stuffs in the local market.They were not the class of people to be seen around Chief's flamboyant family.

Onyemechi fought toot and nail to send his son to school and at a point, he was even denied the scholarship chief rolled out to people.But one good thing about his life is that when man say no, God says yes. Chief was astonished when he realized that the owner of the hospital he was admitted in was the same Nnamdi he never wanted around.

Dr, Nnamdi Okoye, discharged chief after twelve days and all his treatment was free of charge. Chief now 78years regretted what he did to this young aspiring doctor when he was 48years.

You see, no matter what they think of you, remember there is someone who thinks more of you, he made you and your destiny lies only in his hand. The world will reject you but he will never reject you so believe in yourself and in your dream and simply rise and shine.

It was just like yesterday

Each time i look into your eyes

I remember you on those patchy shorts

I remember you standing near my Mom's kitchen

I remember you sharing my food with me

It was just like yesterday

I remember your Dad asking mine for your school fees

I remember you standing next to me when my Dad went down

I still remember what you said when i cried like there was no tomorrow

Nnamdi you called my Dad- Daddy, we both lost him

Your life seemed miserable to so many

I can't remember what i felt when you said that you wanted to be a medical doctor

But as a kid then, i knew that it was possible

Today my dear friend, you are living your dream

And those who didn't believe, now enjoy your stubbornness to set backs

Your life remains an inspiration to many

I am also inspired by your journey to freedom

You traveled with sorrow, pain and strength

Everyone now believe that if you could do it, there is God

My dear friend, the light you now spark will shine forever

For my friend Dr Nnamdi Okoye.


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