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For the Love of Moni Part I

Updated on August 4, 2013

Is the Love of Moni worth it?

Sienna watched the dance floor; colorful lights danced along the faces of the crowd as she sat at a cornered table sipping on an Amaretto Sour. She plucked the cherry out by its stem and sucked on it tasting the sweetness mixed in. She chewed slowly and swallowed as she noticed a set of eyes watching her, brown eyes, no more of a honey color; soft, alluring. Beyond those eyes was something deep. She blinked to dissuade herself from the trance, and the eyes smiled. As she followed the eyes she was led to a face with a mouth and lips that were kissable. She smiled at the lips and looked back to the face. It was a very handsome face and she wanted to touch it, but she realized it was not hers to do so. The DJ was playing James Foxx's "Fall for Your Type," and Sienna thought about the lyrics as she looked at this stranger. She sat watching his face for a full three minutes before the lips began to speak.


"Um hi," Sienna replied blushing.

Sienna was a caramel shade of brown; most would call her a red bone. When she was embarrassed, Sienna's cheeks turned the lightest shade of red. She thought she was attractive, but she was not vain. She wore a pink and black dress with black pumps, and her hair was cut asymmetrical, one side short the other long. Her earrings hung low; a chain of pink and black stars almost touched her shoulders. Her lips were glossed over with Victoria Secrets ‘Grapefruit Blast. "What's your name." the stranger asked.

"Sienna." She said shaking her head to focus. Yours?

"I'm Moni," he replied.

"Is that your real name?" she asked laughing.

"It's what everyone calls me," he said.

"Oh and why is that?"

"It's because I like making it," Moni stated.

Sienna laughed again.

"Well o.k. then. I can dig that."

Watching his eyes because the eyes never lie, Sienna found him attractive, but wondered why he was engaging in conversation with her. He asked her why she wasn't dancing and she told him it was because she didn't have a partner that could keep up with her, which was true; Sienna was a great dancer and found it annoying when men just wanted to rub on her while she danced. When she was little she liked to watch music videos on BET with her friends and tried to do all the moves. This time Moni laughed, and Sienna found that he had a great laugh; she liked it. It was full and genuine, natural, not like those fake laughs that are forced. The more she spoke with him, the more she found him to be intelligent, unlike so many other men she met when she went out. She kept looking back at his face, devouring it, and she finally gave him a quick once over. He had his own style; the younger generation had taken a liking to the word swag and if anyone had it, Moni did. A pair of green and black shades hung from his Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that was the same two colors. He had on Levis 501 jeans and True Religion shoes. He also wore a gold watch, but it wasn't one of those with all the bling that screamed cheap. A gold cross hung around his neck. Sienna was so intrigued with him that she didn't hear him when he asked her for her number.

"I'm sorry; what did you say?" she asked.

"I asked if I could have your number so that I could call you some time," he said.

"Of course, I would like that," she responded.

She gave Moni her number and took his in return. They talked the rest of the evening and when she got up to leave he told her that the next time they would dance.

In her car, a black 2010 Toyota Camry, sienna sighed. Her feet were sore and she kicked off her heels and slid on the flip flops she kept under the passenger's seat. She turned on the ignition and heater to warm the car. As she was reaching behind her to grab the wool sweater she left in the back seat, she heard a tap on her window. Sienna jerked around at the noise to see Moni. She rolled down her window.

"You scared me half to death," she said heart jumping.

"My bad. I didn't mean to," he replied.

"So, is there something you wanted?" she asked him. "I was just wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat before going home," he said.

"Oh, I thought you were going to ask if you could come home with me," she said chuckling.

"Nah, I wasn't but..."

"No," Sienna laughed. "I was just wondering what else you could want at three a.m. besides some booty. I am relieved you didn't ask, and now I can accept your phone calls instead of ignoring them."

Moni chuckled. "Not on the first date."

"Oh, so this is a date is it?" she wondered.

"It is if we are going for breakfast."

"Well, that depends on where we are going; it is really late... or really early and the only place I know that is open is the Waffle House."

"Waffle House it is then," Moni said.

"Then it's a date."

Moni asked her if she wanted to ride with him or take her own car. Sienna didn't like the thought of leaving her car at the nightclub for fear of a break-in, so she decided to follow him to the nearest Waffle House. Sienna also didn't know what Moni would be like when alone with her and having her car would make it easier to get up and leave whenever she wanted to.

As she followed behind his black Expedition, she listened to Future's Pluto CD, which was one her favorite discs, and began to sing along to the tune, "Turn on the Lights, I'm Looking for Her." She swayed to the music. When they pulled up to the Waffle House, she parked beside Moni. As he got out from his SUV, he came around to her door and opened it for her.

"So, chivalry is not dead after all!" she exclaimed.

"I'm no knight, but I can be a gentleman."

"Well in that case, thank you Mr. Gentleman."

When they reached the door to the restaurant, Moni opened that door as well. Sienna was a little impressed, but she knew any man could open a few doors and still be an asshole. Inside Moni led her to a back booth so that they could be alone as much as possible. When she sat down, he seated himself across from her. She liked this. He wasn't trying to sit next to her and put the moves on her. She also liked that she could see his face and watch his lips move as he talked.

"Tell me about yourself," Moni stated.

"Hmmm. What is that you want to know?" she asked.

"Whatever you want to tell me," he said.

"Well, let's see. I am thirty years old and I have no children. I work at a veterinarian clinic as a secretary because I love animals, but I don't have any pets. I love shoes and my favorite colors are pink and green," Sienna explained.

"What is your favorite animal?" asked Moni.

`"I love cats," Sienna replied.

It was true; growing up in the country, her grandmother had many cats, and Sienna loved playing with them. She loved their soft fur and the way they rubbed up against her legs when she came around. She also liked the purring sound they made.

"What about you Moni, what is your favorite animal?"

"Well, they say a dog is a man's best friend, so they would have to be my choice. I have two pit bulls."

"I like dogs, but pits have a bad reputation because of the way some owners treat them. They can be loving, but fighting is why most people like them."

"I don't fight my dogs; they're more like my kids, which I don't have by the way," he explained.

"I'm more surprised to find out that you don't have children, most people this day and age do. By the way how old are you? I don't want to be considered a cougar sitting here having breakfast with you," she joked. "You do have a baby face."

"I'm actually thirty-three," Moni laughed.

Sienna really liked that laugh.

"What's your real name Moni, the one on your birth certificate?"

"It's Brandon," he said smiling.

"That's a nice name," she said returning the smile.

The Waffle House was packed, so when the waitress finally came over to take their orders, they had been there for almost half an hour. Both parties knew the menu and Moni invited her to order first. Sienna ordered a waffle with a side of bacon and a Dr. Pepper while Moni ordered chicken strips, fries, and water. The two made small talk while they waited for their orders to arrive, and Sienna found herself at ease.

When the waitress came back with their food, they both grew silent as they began to eat. Sienna thought about the man in front of her; she wanted to know more. She was thinking about what to ask him next when he spoke.

"Penny for your thoughts."

"I'm sorry; I was just wondering what type of job you might have, trying to picture what you do for a living," Sienna giggled.

"Well," he said, "I design car interior and my specialty is custom design. You know, people want something unique and I create it for them."

"That sounds fascinating," she said meaning it. "Do you get customers asking for all kinds of weird things like alligator seats and lime green interior?" she chuckled.

"Something like that, but mostly just regular styles. I really like designing my own stuff for customers that no one else has."

"That sounds real interesting and fun," she told him.

"Yeah, it is. I love my job."

After eating, Moni escorted her back to her car and told her he had a nice time and hoped to see her again soon. Sienna told him that he could and as she drove home she wondered if he would call her the next day.


Moni got in his SUV and headed for the South side. He had a nice time talking with the fine red bone named Sienna. Normally, when he went out he was looking for someone to hook up with, but Sienna was different. He knew that as soon as he saw her sitting in the club. She looked deep in thought and he wanted to know what was on her mind. He had watched her for a while before she noticed him looking at her. Watching her suck on that cherry made him think of what it would be like to be that cherry. Sienna was sexy, but she was also smart, and he found her intelligence sexier than her face, which was beautiful. She was not thick, but her frame was nice, and she didn't wear loads of make-up like the other women in the club; it was just enough. She had very nice legs and her full lips were her best attribute. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, and he knew he would call her the next day. He had to know if she was interested. As far as he could tell she was. When he pulled up to his crib, he cut the engine and sat in the car for a minute. He wanted to keep the picture of Sienna clear in his mind before going into his lonely house. He knew that when he went to sleep, he would see her in his dreams. Moni got out of the car and went into the house. He walked straight to his bedroom and plopped down on his king sized bed. He felt lonesome in his huge bed with no one there with him. He would be sleeping alone tonight, but he didn't mind because he couldn't take his mind off of Sienna.Moni kicked off his shoes and got undressed down to his boxer briefs. He lay back on his pillows and closed his eyes. Before he fell asleep, he wondered if Sienna was thinking about him too.

Moni awoke earlier than he expected. He was sure that he would be too tired to get up, but he felt well rested. It must have been because he dreamt about Sienna all night. It was 11:30 in the morning and since it was Sunday he was off. He always enjoyed the perks of not working on the weekends. He took a quick shower and decided he could work out after church; service didn't start until 12:30 and he had plenty of time to get to Redemption. He fixed himself a cup of juice, not bothering with breakfast because eating with Sienna still had him full. Moni went back into his bedroom to find something suitable to wear. Redemption has a very relaxing atmosphere, and the people are diverse, so Moni felt much at home in the large sanctuary. Pulling on a pair of Coogi pants because he liked to dress comfortably, Moni grabbed a red Polo shirt with a green symbol and his watch, chain and headed for the door. He picked up his keys from the living room table and remembered he had to feed his dogs, Jesse and James.

"Damn," he thought aloud, "That girl got my head messed up."

He picked up the hefty bag of Iams and headed to the back door to feed them. He hoped he wouldn't miss anything good at church.

Moni didn't start going to church until two years ago when he had had a close encounter with death. He had been coming home from a club and had had too many drinks. He was lucky that he only hit a pole instead of another driver. He had suffered a concusion and three broken ribs; his recovery was slow, but he made it through.


Sienna enjoyed the service. Apostle Ron preached about love being the best gift ever given and she thought about how much truth was in those words. Sienna loved going to church, and she welcomed the thought that even though she went out at times that if she could still get up and go to church every Sunday morning then, she wasn't such a bad person. As a child born in the south, Sienna was raised in the church. Her family had been middle class and being the only child she usually got what she wanted, but she wasn't spoiled.Sienna had to work hard for everything that she got, grades, money, and free time. Her parents wanted her to know what it felt like to earn what she received. Church was required every Sunday. As she was leaving Redemption, she dropped her King James Bible and bent to pick it up, but before she could it was handed back to her.

"You dropped this," a familiar voice said.

Sienna looked up into the honey colored eyes and smiled.

"Well, well, hello Moni," I didn't know you were a member here; I've never seen you in service before."

"Well, the church has thousands of members and seeing as how I've never seen you here before, fate must be playing match maker."

Sienna couldn't help but smile. Here stood a fine man with a job, his own home, and goes to church, maybe God was sending her a message.

"How did you like the sermon for today?" she asked him.

"It was deep," he responded, "God let his son die so that we could live, and that's real love. If only everybody loved each other that way, the world would be better off."

"I agree; I just love the thought of receiving that kind of love."

Sienna was touched and her impression of Moni was getting better with each meeting. She smiled at this recollection as he spoke.

"Where are you headed now?" he asked.

"Well, I am hungry, so I think I'll go find me some lunch. I don't have anyone to cook for, so I won't be making Sunday dinner," she replied.

"Do you mind if I join you?" he asked.

"Not at all, but I don't know what I want to eat yet."

"That's cool," he said, "We can figure it out together. Would you like to ride with me? We could leave your car here and come back to pick it up when we are done."

Normally Sienna would have said she'd just follow him, but she felt more comfortable with him now and so she said yes.

They left her car at the church since it was still pretty early and it was sure to be safe there. Moni led her to his SUV and opened the door, helped her in, and closed it. Sienna took a quick glance around and noticed how clean it looked and smelled. She also noticed the Dallas Cowboy air freshener that hung from the rearview mirror. Moni slid into the driver's seat as she stated,

"A fellow fan of the Cowboys, another point for that."

"Yep, win or lose, I will always be a fan."

"Shoot, I been a fan since Deon Sanders." Sienna laughed. That's my team. I want to go to a game some day."

"Perhaps we can go together," Moni smiled.

"I'd like that," she said.

"So what you got a taste for?" Moni asked.

"I don't know something light and fresh. What about you?"

"I haven't made up my mind, but I could go for a good burger or steak."

"Let's go to Fatz; I can get a Calabash chicken salad and you can get your burger or steak.

"Aight, sounds like a plan to me," he saidpulling the car into gear.

They chatted as they drove and Sienna realized that she and Moni had a lot in common. For instance, Moni liked to go fishing and every summer Sienna liked to fish in many of the lakes around her hometown; Lake Cooley, Lake Johnson, Croft State Park, and many private ponds and lakes were among her favorite places.

After lunch, Moni drove her back to her car and asked if he could see her later. She told him that he could. Sienna gave him a tight hug and kissed him softly on his cheek. He smiled opening the door for her.

"Call me when you get home," he said.

Sienna agreed as he closed her door. Alone in her car, she thought about her unexpected encounter with Moni. She felt excited; she liked the way they could fall easily into to conversation and she liked even more that he went to church. She drove home thinking that she couldn't wait to see him later.


Moni sat on his weight bench dripping with sweat; he had been working out for at least an hour, and after his pushups, sit-ups, lifts, etc. he was now tired. As he finished the last set of weights, he had started to think of Sienna again. Never had a woman been on his mind this much, sure he had other women, but she was the most interesting and sexiest out of the ones he dealt with. He got up to take a shower. Inside as the warm water ran down his body, he massaged the shampoo into his hair, rinsed, and grabbed the Dove to wash up. His mind drifted back to Sienna and as he moved to his groin, he found his manhood erect. Damn, he thought, this chick is gonna give me blue balls.

Moni thought about calling Amber, a girl he kicked it with sometimes. She was fine, not like Sienna, but she could satisfy his lust. After his shower he picked up his cell and dialed her number. She said that she would be right over to play. He hung up a little disappointed because who he really wanted to be with was Sienna. He had only met her last night, but he knew she was the type of woman worth waiting for. He would just have to settle with Amber until he could have Sienna.


Back at home Sienna was feeling impatient; she couldn't wait until Moni came to pick her up. She wanted to see him, and hopefully, taste his lips. She fantasized about what a great kisser he might be. Her excitement rose, and she wondered who kept him company when he was lonely. She wondered whom he spent his free time with. A man that handsome had to have a number of side pieces he could call when he needed a friend. Sienna didn't want to fall into that category; she had made a promise to herself not to give it up until she knew she was the only one, even if it took months. She was worth waiting for. She wasn't a saint by any means and she enjoyed sex, but she wanted to give herself and her vagina a break. In her past there had been too many one night stands that never turned into anything more. It wasn't that she even cared if they did her not; her desire was only for the emptiness she felt when alone at night in her bed. It was as if sex became her companion. Not anymore, she had grown and learned from her mistakes. She knew that she had to change for herself. She knew she wanted Moni, but she also knew the difference between lust and love. At this moment, she lusted in her flesh, and her mind told her she could wait. Sienna prayed that she could be strong and withstand temptation; then, she settled down on her lush tan and chocolate couch and turned on her XBOX. She would push back her feelings with killings locust scum playing Gears of War 3. As she signed on, she jumped into one of the waves with her friends and her mind switched from Moni to making money to fortify her base in the game.


Amber lay asleep on Moni's bed. The sex they'd had wasn't what he expected. He wanted her to numb his need for Sienna, but he was disappointed because as he tried to make love to Amber, all he could do was picture Sienna. He hoped that Amber couldn't tell that he was distracted; he still performed well, it just wasn't his best performance.Just when he was about to shower his phone rang. He checked the Caller ID and almost panicked. It was Sienna. He had almost forgotten about their date; he had plans to take her to dinner and a movie if she was game. What he had forgotten was that he told her to call him.

Moni walked into his weight room before picking up his cell.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi Moni, its Sienna," her voice was like music to his ears.

"What's up," he said. "What are you up to?"

"I'm just chillin," she replied. "I was just calling to see what you wanted to do this evening."

"Well, I wanted to see if you wanted to go out to dinner and maybe a movie."

"I'd really like that," Sienna said excited. "I haven't been to a movie in a long time; I don't even know what's playing," she laughed.

Moni smiled to himself; he hoped Amber wouldn't wake up while he was on the phone with Sienna. He really didn't want to lose her and he hadn't even gotten her yet. He turned back to his conversation with Sienna.

"Don't worry we can check the listings after dinner. Do you have a preference on where you want to eat?"

"You can surprise me," she said.

Sienna wanted to see what a real first date with Moni might be like. When they set the time for their date and Sienna had given Moni her address, Sienna told him she looked forward to seeing him and hung up.


Amber was still asleep when Moni came back into the room. He gently tapped her to wake her up. He didn't want her to be mad, but she had to go. He wanted to get himself together for his date with Sienna. If it turned out that he could get lucky with her, he would be mad that he wasted his energy on Amber.

Moni picked up Sienna and took her to Chophouse 47. She was highly impressed that he had chosen such a romantic spot. The lighting was low and they sat close together, so close that she could smell his Joop cologne, a fragrance she was familiar with because it was the same cologne that her ex wore. Sienna shook this from her mind and smiled at Moni. He smiled back. Sienna could barely restrain herself from reaching over and kissing him. He watched her not saying a word. For some reason she felt that he may be thinking the same thing. In her mind her head was racing as fast as her heart. She hoped that she could restrain herself for the evening. If she couldn't she knew that no matter how much she might enjoy sex with Moni, she would regret giving it up so soon. Sienna put her hands between her legs and prayed for strength…


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