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For the Next Generation

Updated on November 10, 2022
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I write with a nimble hand dictated by the synchronized rhythm of my heart and mind. My pen cuts through the center and down under.

Grannies & Kiddos

My in-laws, nephew, and daughter...
My in-laws, nephew, and daughter... | Source

Better than we were, are, have been, and will be...


People seem to think that the true measure of success is having all the fancy and most expensive things in the world. Sports cars, huge houses, expensive vacations, and a whole lot of choices ranging from tiny yet highly expensive pieces of jewelry to the colossal vacation houses most dream of. Much can be blamed for the commercialization of life itself and the gradual erosion of man's perception of happiness. Sadly, many have hopped on the bandwagon and the rest is all about the brands and who gets them first.

The Incorrect Education in Our Homes and Schools

After spending much time in the academe and the media worlds, I have come to the realization that there seems to be a very twisted perspective of what students should aim for. Instead of improving personality and talents, many educators pit students against each other in a never-ending cycle of competition. Ultimately, if one observes well, he or she will realize that even the teacher does not want his or her students to succeed beyond what the former has accomplished. Such a selfish motive is observed in almost all competitive people even if they seem to have a circle of make-believe friends.

This then directs one to question, "What is the true value of education, relationships, and perhaps even life itself?" The answer is best found in the world's constant third best-selling novel The Little Prince. The essentials are always not what many long for, for if this is the case, the world would have been better a long time ago. In the eyes of a child, everything is basic, plain, and simple. Driven by simple needs, a child only asks for what is needed. There is no wonder then why the Master beckoned us to be 'as a child.'

Trust, Silence, and Relationships

Many do not seem to know the difference between being quiet and being silent. When one chooses to be quiet, it is because the circumstances he or she may be in force him/her to do so. It is imposed on the person to be quiet. The funny thing about being quiet is that the person can still do something which will cause noise such as stump feet, clap hands, rattle a can, and more. Being silent simply means not opening one’s mouth to talk, speak, yell, scream, etc. Being silent is different; not even a pin drop can be heard. Perhaps only the beating heart can be heard in the background or the ticking sound of a wall clock. In fact, being silent means willingly avoiding or producing any sound. Notice that such is self-imposed; the person chooses to avoid producing sound.

Trust is like silence. While the world may dictate that people should trust others, trusting is a personal decision supposed to be unaided by another, free from outside influence. This is a rather important, if not the most important commodity in today’s demanding life. A quick tour of all the essential aspects of personal relationships will reveal that trust ranks highest even among the likes of love and respect. Indeed, it is better to be trusted than to be loved. The only downside is that many seem to think that because one is loved that trust is automatically carried over. While this effect may be felt at times, it is not universal and comes on a case-to-case basis. However, as relationships age and those involved get in deeper and deeper into the love pool, familiarity often breeds mistrust especially when one begins seeing the recurring weaknesses of the other. Sometimes he chooses to be quiet; at times she may opt to be silent…and the trust grows thinner and thinner by the hour. Only true love can dispel this process of gradual erosion of mistrust; the kind of love which does not see the weaknesses of others but regards them as the beauty of individuality and uniqueness. Only then can the demarcation line between silence and quietness grow dim; only then can love supersede trust and respect…for in its ideal form, love indeed conquers all.


Life will be as it is unless we make a concerted effort to see it 'differently.' It is the difference in our perspective which gives a whole new meaning to life. Perhaps we may have to borrow or learn from the eyes of a child for a better tomorrow by being better today.

© 2018 Professor S


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