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For the Sake of Feeling Nothing

Updated on September 13, 2011

Living life on an endless quest to be different from everyone else is a failed attempt at best. Challenging our own differences, when, in all reality, we are no different from anyone else. We are all hypocritical liars with scars on our fists.

Our restless eyes resent one another, including the reflections we face every day. Broken mirrors can't save us from ourselves. Do you feel safe in your own insanity tonight?

We judge each other, as if we ever had a clue. No one knows what its like to be me, and no one knows what its like to be you. Burning flames within a broken heart, blaming someone else... Yet you let your heart be broken. Blaming others for your own mistakes...What purpose does any of this serve?

Freedom is never free, money doesn't come cheap.. Why are you so easily decieved? We are the down fall of humanity. We stand, spiritually dead, emotionally broken, and scared with kerosine. Broken wings don't fly and we can't escape our fate.

Shame brings you to your knees, because deep down inside, its all your fault. You chose the path you, so foolishly, walk. What will you leave behind once your gone? Something, anything at all? You got what you wanted, so why not just move on?

This world cries for freedom, yet we've all damned ourselves. Fighting a vicious cycle of self-hate and hate for one another. So how is it now, after all this time has run out, do we finally try to see purpose in life without realism? We can't fake this, no, we can't deny this... We are all mad at ourselves.

Was it for the diamonds, or the power of control? Or was it for the sake of feeling nothing, at all?


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